family pic

family pic

Monday, May 14, 2007

California SCREAMIN

so many of you know there is this great roller coaster in california adventure theme park, its called california screamin. It shoots you out like a rocket at the beginning and has its usualy twists and turns as well as an upside down loop. it is one of audrey's favs and one of nates got to get his guts up to do it rides. so here is the deal this is a pic of nate on the rollercoaster i couldnt resist his face on this one! and then the other picture is of audrey and her sister jessica just getting started on the ride that spontaneously stopped and left them stuck on the rollercoaster. Just the sort of thing that worries people! it was an adventure!


So we just returned from our almost annual trip to disney. We had a blast and enjoyed a much needed vacation. Audrey's parents and several of her siblings joined us. We also saw a few friends vacationing at the same time. This time around was a little easier since Saylor was not in casts and a little older. She still has the same favorite rides oddly enough. Here are a few pics to make you laugh!