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family pic

Thursday, January 6, 2011

skiing on her own w/ a few book reviews

So lets just get the most exciting news out first! then if you want to bore yourself with my book reviews and other writings you can! I myself am still on a natural high about saylor skiing. Its really started our new year off with a bang, huge unforgettable moment in our little history! As many of you know saylor has been skiing with a program @ snowbird called wasatch adaptive sports. We have been doing this for a few years, this program has offered us opportunities and experiences that have blessed our lives immensely. Most recently saylor has been doing more runs and resting less, looking stronger but still skiing with tethers and some instructor control ... until yesterday ... when all the sudden she was skiing on her own, in control of herself, her speed, her direction, her experience. like flying she says! It was hard to keep emotions in check! I hadnt dreamed that this day would come quiet yet! she did 7 runs with little to no resting, with speed that was lapping a few beginners on chickadee with able bodies! and breaking tears through my own goggles. Peter, Laura, Amelia, and all our friends at WAS thank you thank you for giving us this gift and sharing with us this miracle and joy! so without further adoooooo ... watch for yourself!

and on to less important things .... but first while your at it, subscribe to our family you tube channel ... why not?

So the new year has brought all the things it usually does ... like a cleaning, organizing, and design bug. some of which i have appeased. Its also brought about a lot of reading. I cant seem to get my head out of a book. I have always loved to read but it requires time, much of which i dont have. But I have taken to a paragraph here and there and cruised through a few good reads.

I finished up the "uglies" trilogy. I really enjoyed the series and felt like it was good young adult literature. Something i would realistically feel ok about little miss storie reading. Captivating, entertaining, and thought provoking. Just a tad bit of romance, a lot of sci fi & action, and underlying lesson and meaning.

Then i moved onto this ...

A DI find that pulled me in. This book bordered on disturbing for me. But only because culturally i cant begin to fathom living in a time under the traditions that distorted the womans body and soul. It was a good historical introduction for me, though it is fiction. It was a read that will stay with me for a long time. Not just about history, culture, and tradition but friendship. Really its profoundness comes from the friendship between two women, that carried them both through a difficult life. A lesson in perception as well and how that can change things like the flap of a butterfly wing. Reminded me of times past in which i am sure my perception destroyed what could have been.

foot binding ... such a fascinating yet disturbing thing ..

as for an update stock is still rocking the wrestling world and his schedule is still like that of a mini pro athlete. storie is busy swimming and boarding, while playing the violin and excelling in school and friendships. she is consistently my help meet. saylor ...well she only wants to do one thing ... ski! but she is healthy and happy. me ... well just the usual. and my brother ... starting chemo tomorrow. nate ... coaching and working and mantling some stressful family things.

what i want to show you sometime soon .... the family motto on the wall ... the book case. wrestling video ... design ideas and so much more. oh and some music. oh where has all the time gone.