family pic

family pic

Saturday, December 29, 2007


COSMO! The long awaited pictures of this amazing personal visit to our home are finally being posted. sorry it has taken soooo long! All that comes with christmas and nate being home makes for little productivity on my end. I first want to say a big THANK YOU to the HOLKER FAMILY and of course COSMO for making this happen! What an awesome thing for saylor, she feels so special and she is still on cloud nine! she loves the cougs and she loves cosmo not a game passes by that she doesnt ask about him! we will never ever forget this experience. we have video and some day i will have the time to figure out You tube and how to post our videos or just how to post them on the blog in general!

we have been so blessed this past few months with amazing experiences and so many milestones for everyone in our family! look forward to seeing posts on saylors recent skiing experiences, my out of boundry back country boarding with nate and aaron, maybe some wrestling stuff and horsebackriding updates.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas rush

December is full of so much stuff that its hard to stay on top of blogging. i have collected mounds of pictures from all different things over the last few days .... i am tad overhwelmed .... i will start with the O'Brien/Eakins Christmas party which also included the most fabulous ever family skit that i recorded and somehow will figure out how to post the video on her someday! anyone know how, please tell!

Monday, December 10, 2007

our family christmas miracle ...

well here it is ... our christmas miracle and its not just saylor and its not just saylor looking so cute in ski goggles she wont take off its saylor STANDING ... ON HER OWN without any help or walker or anything to hold on! something very unexpected for this year and so beautiful! we are so grateful for the blessings that continue to pour out on us from a loving and wise Heavnely Father and his Son and our brother Jesus christ!

Finally got drilled with some snow, it didnt stop for 2.5 days! so fun! this is our never plowed dangerous street out in front of our house, most of the neighborhood sleds down the actual street including my kids! I also enjoyed the benefits of this freshly fallen powder at sundance this morning with my fun bro - in law aaron ... it was a great day!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Merry Christmas!

From the O'Brien Elfs ... click here

thanks kate!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Davina .... A MUST VIEW!

Just look and read the blog post entitled "saylor"

Davina ...... Davina's Blog

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Festival of Trees

So if you ever have been to the FOT you know how special and fun it is and how many amazing stories of life are found in this one gigantic room .... this year you can find Saylor's story there, thanks to 4 amazing women!!!! This has been an amazing experience for our family and hopefully for all involved! the tree was darling! the best one there by far!!! i am a little biased but seriously it was darling and much of it was hand made! We want to thank Audry Foote, Sarah, Jamie, & Danielle for choosing to be part of our lifes, for their thoughtfullness, charitable spirits, amazing creative gifts, their time! and for thinking of saylor and bringing her a HUGE gift basket full of goodies! what a great way to start the Xmas season! THank you thank you thank you!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

the Loooooong post ... but oh so fun!

So last weekend nate went camping with the scouts, storie went to grandma gaylas for a cookie making christmas fiesta and stock, saylor, and i miserably sick drug ourselves to AF high to weigh stockton in for the wrestling tournament i knew he would not wrestle in on sat cause we were all too sick. got in a car accident in the parking lot that was my fault kind of in some ways and not in others, no one is hurt ... come on it was a parking lot but that kind of stuff really sucks! on the way home i decided that i was just too sick and stock was too, thought we might have strep, talked to the family doc ... aaron of course ... and decided to drag us to the instacare for strep tests, glad i did cause guess what? yep all of us except nate. i was especially bad and instead of feeling better the next day i felt a lot worse. thought maybe i was resistant to the meds .... i have been before ... but they finally started working and we got on our way eventually. i still am feeling it a little, man i am weak! the drive to cali was not too bad ... decided at the last minute to priceline a 4 or 5 star hotel in vegas for $50 and if we could get it then we would stop and chill there and we did ... planet hollywood! it was there grand opening too and stars were everywhere. the kids loved the fountain show across the street at belagio and storie and i really appreciated the gardens ... always my favorite part! forgot the camera that night dangit ... we didnt venture farthur than that with kids ... then onto LA

I guess what i would call the door to home in LA. Red and full of character .... part of a historical part of town called hancock park. and yes the address is 893 & 1/2

On tuesday we went to universal ... i have not been there since i was a teenager, nate never has and of course the kids havent either. i worried that it would be too mature of a park for them ... we had a blast and never has an amusement park catered so much to saylor and spoiled us with star treatment! We went under the sea to visit sponge bob and i tried to look pregnant! fat is not as fun as pregnant .... everyone was eaten by jaws but me .... saylor got to me DORA! and lots more fun ... shrek and fiona were nice but fiona ... isnt she an ogre now? i was confused too!

Nate in front of the "bourne" car from the first movie ... at universal

Famous universal images taken by me .... a dinosour from the jurassic park ride that you are not supposed to take pics on uh oh ... so real! the famous jaws himself! and whoville a little holiday gift picture format. interesting how the movies look so real ... we all know they are fake but when you see the sets up close there is nothing more fake ... yet real.

Its been a while since i have spent thanksgiving with my dad ... at least my biological dad. in fact i dont remember ever spending this holiday with him. so this is the whole reason we went, to spend time with him and glen. it was nice. good to have pics from that part of my life .... its part of me.

Since we were leaving to go home from palm springs we took the shortcut to vegas through the desert. when the kids and i go to cali a lone we usually take this way and they always want to get a pic of "the shoe tree" here it is ... out in the middle of nowhere, somewhere near amboy & kelso cali! The way home was so much worse than the way there and even though we took the shortcut it felt like longer ... oh wait it was cause we stopped over night in vegas on the way out ..... stockton our usual car trooper got car sick ... weird.... but his throwing up saved nate ... literally ... he got pulled over in henderson vegas for speeding, i was scared cause we realized just before we left that his drivers license was expired ... not a good situation. the cop took one wiff of the car, we explained we were in a hurry to get to a gas station ... he didnt even ask for a drivers license and let us go phew.....

We ended the week with a bang at the osmond family xmas concert! it was way fun, especially for me cause david & Val have become such great friends and its funner to watch people you know, for me and the kids and nate i guess!

so there it is craziness .... we are grateful for you! if your reading this blog we probably love you to pieces .....

Saturday, November 10, 2007


quick update on this O'Brien family .... obviously the girls are still riding and they are doing so well. storie is riding a little shetland named chester .... he is just the right size, she saddles him herself and everything ... her coach tells me not many 7 year olds can saddle a horse up themselves. she is doing really well!!!! saylor is just enjoying and old granma POA named foxy, they are a good fit, though foxy is kind of a big horse she is mild and well riden and takes good care of saylor. she is riding alone these days without kara her coach at her side. i am starting to get in the routine of always forgetting the helmets and my allergy medicine ... one of these days i will get it right.

stockton is doing great in wrestling ... like his dad he is a natural athlete. i can only imagine where this world will take me ...

the pants saylor has on in the picture of her on foxy are a cutsom made paint by my new company pantywaist & co that i share with my mom, its in early stages of development, the site should be up in a week or so right now its just a mumble of a partial template. ... in a few months i anticipate it will be up and going full blown.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

"insanely gorgeous family!"

check these out .... my bestest photog friend took these and i have to say i am not photogenic but she made me look half decent! i am so happy with these and i am NEVER EVER happy with pics of me! cant wait to see them all! check out her blog to see a few more! also if you are in the market for family pics .... well you know the rest!
rebekah westover ... you da bomb!

happy halloween boo!

a spookie boa constrictor, a orem/byu football player, and narnias ice queen!

we had a great night! the funnest ever! it was warm and fun and no complaining and just fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This last monday night we went to cornbelly's for a big family night birthday party event. it was really fun! good to see all my siblings and their kids etc....

my nephews scotty and jack

my brother kade ...

saylor in her favorite kind of seat ... a saddle and yes she is roping a steer!

my nephew chase and niece winnie

my gorgeous niece ... tyler.

In october my mom and i always visit garnders village and see all the decorative witches. its tradition. usually all the kids go but this year they stayed at school for a BYU thing and saylor, my mom, and I went. saylor riding a minature (what i want to get her!) comfortable and always happy on a horse.

saylor is finally back to her wheelin skillful self. it took a while for her to figure out there really is no other way for right now! at gardner's village she did all the work i didnt push her much!