family pic

family pic

Sunday, June 13, 2010

miracle league basball

I need to catch you up on all the craziness of our lives, june 2010 is turning out to be one of the busiest months of our lives. but for now something inspiring, saylor plays on a baseball miracle league. there is the darn cutest song on their website about what this must feel like for a kid like her. you must go watch the music video and check out a little about what she is participating in. go here

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

historicaly ...

so recently we ventured to "idontknow" = Idaho for a little family gathering. It included mom & dad call and all their children, accompanied by the children and spouses of those children. We stayed at this darling place called school house inn, we all fit comfortably and we had a splendid adventure. We spent time in lava swimming and bancroft seeing the sights of our ancestors and going to church. but all these pics come from our private tour of chesterfield, a little town historically preserved mostly settled by Call's. in that first pic you can see the tithing house, and some inside rooms and furniture from Ira Call's cabin.

in the church meeting house many things are still in tact, including stacks of church manuals, china/silver for sacrament, the oregan & other nostalgic items.

at the local mercantile store we found a few other appealing historical artifacts ...

some of which remind me of my mother, myself, and my crafty storie! who by the way is doing spectacular! she finished off the school year with a violin solo in a concert and then a few days later a violin trio in sacrament meeting. she is getting so mature ... just made swim team and is looking forward to summer.

this ancient wheelchair was also found at the store, sentimental to us for obvious reasons. saylor thought the mechanics were comical. whom by the way is also doing fantastic, she will be attending summer school at franklin for part of the summer and is pretty obssessed with fishing with her dad! she will be doing the hardest thing of the summer tomorrow with a chait tube change. we are all anxious an stressed about it. she continues to be our miracle and our bright star. she is now covered by medicaid and that in and of itself is the hand of the Lord in our life, the miracle we needed.

on the way to chesterfield we passed this sign .. thought it to be appropriate! stock is also doing well. super busy kid as usual, right now he is doing some private wrestling practice and looking forward to a few camps for the summer. he also is playing baseball and has turned out to be quiet the little pitcher. like his dad just good at anything athletic. he also is on the swim team again this year so we have a few sports going on. he is turning 9 soon and unlike boys his age he wants things like camo pants for hunting and medal racks.

as for nate & i .... we are so relieved that we finally have the insurance thing worked out for at least the time being, and at a fraction of the cost that we were spending. saylor is on medicaid, the rest of us on humana and we are covering stocks reflux meds and condition out of our pockets for now. we were able to spend memorial day weekend or at least part of it ... together just our little fam at the cabin. it was delightful. nate is enjoying playing on a softball team city league stuff and being stocks coach in everything he does. all the while dealing with my craziness and intensely spiritual time. i am busy busy with work as well, tis the season. i am selling of some inventory so if your interested see the studio blog here.

excited to have kiddies home for the summer, nervous about how to work and keep them entertained! happy times, good memories.