family pic

family pic

Sunday, March 30, 2008

life ... & death ...

the miracles of our life seen here through davina's eyes

to the death of my grandfather and the symbolism of a fallen soldier

i want to thank my family and friends for sharing all our life's with us!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

where the good things are ...

i wasnt even going to post this on any of my blogs, but then i realized that all my friends, family and a few blog stalkers would not be so happy with me if they found out in the aftermath ... so this is where i will be tomorrow morning showcasing studio stems in relation to wedding floral design. i dont want any one i know to see my making a fool of myself and i know i will. please just remember that i will look 10 lbs heavier than i really am, which sort of almost defeats the 10 lbs i just lost .... okie dokie.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

paying tribute through my art for old fart who wanted pee weed!

I am fortunate enough to actually be able to do something with myself for the passing of a loved one. its very theraputic and i feel blessed to have the priviledge of creating art in tribute. old fart (what we call the dead man) and i had the opportunity a few weeks ago to discuss his funeral flowers. he told me only a few things, he said pee weed will do just fine, and make it traditional. i was like what the heck is pee weed and he just laughed and told me "ah hell audie just make it beautiful." so there is no casket piece because his children want only the flag and all his medals adorning the top of the casket so the big white spray is for behind the casket to dress it up. its as close to pee weed as i could get ... carnations and a few other fluffs. the urn arrangement is more something i created in a traditional format that may look like something his wife would enjoy and appreciate. i am glad they are together again.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a FEW of my favorite THINGS!

the best hair product in the whole world ... and i am more familiar with hair product than the average woman. i love this stuff. if you cant get your hair to have volumn or poof or you just cant get it to do what you want you need this product. backcombing is the way of the past. if you want some let me know i can pick you some up on my license and sell it to you for about $12 a bottle. and i will show you how too!

Mac makeup is what i use almost exclusively these days. some of you might not know that i am a macpro .... not cause i am dang good at makeup but mostly cause i have a cosmo license! yeah ... cause i cant get enough of this stuff!

i really like my IPOD especially on days like today and for boarding and for just everything its so handy. i love music so much who knew that one day it could be simply and weightlessly attached to me at all times ....

forum 38 is one of my all time favorite things ... this year may have been the best boarding powder year of my life! yahoooooo!

yes i am one of those mac people

this is one of my fav mags to indulge myself with. its very my style! you wouldnt know it if you have been to my house ... our current house is more about nate and making nates style look great! and it does, i love it! its beautiful its just not quiet me ....

SUSHI yummmm! particularly at Happy Sumo! i would recommend .... vegas, surf n turf, rock n roll, playboy, buffalo (for the weak)oh and so many more!

I loved this movie ... loved loved loved it!

I know this is a weird one ... i like notebooks, particularly cute ones! i have lots of them with no writing in them! you can never have enough!

when it comes to lotion .... bath n body's jap cherry blossom is my all time fav! or anything almost grapefruit scented

This is my fav perfume at the moment .... love it! light blue dolce & gabana or is it cabana? who cares!

what are some of your favorite things?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

a FEW things i am grateful 4 right now in this moment ... in no particular order

FRIENDS .... so many showed up at the pantywaist launch yesterday! i have really great friends! two of them hung out there all day and spent their whole day supporting pantywaist and being part of the project .. .not to mention their amazing products! so thanks megan & darla! thanks rebekah, megan I, heather D, heather S, cynthia dean, jessie and barb elder, natalie, and a few others ... sorry if i missed you this has been a long post and i work from the bottom up! so happy reading!

a new friend! Liz .... we have just recently come into knowing each other as more than just competition, and really the most real competition for each other there is in this state of utah! she is amazing i really really admire her! she felt inspired to send me this amazing quote ... "Woman was born to create ... in creating she becomes herself, accomplishes her destiny. He whole life is only and initiation into creative power. To create is not merely to produce a work ... it is to give out one's own individuality" Jeanne De Vietinghoff
read it again ... seriously its very profound, powerful, and true! Liz i love you!

this is my brother joey & his girlfriend nadia ... they dont look entirely normal cause this was at nates 80's party. but really (this may get long ... sorry!) i am so grateful for him in my life and his example to me. this may sound funny considering his history ... its no secret that joey has spent most of his adult life in prison. i have always felt close and connected to him even though he is my step bro. i wrote him a lot while he was away and we had a lot of phone convos. last year when he got out he came to live with me, cause lets be honest, the rest of the fam had kind of had it and lost all patience and the hope for him was dwindling. i dont take credit though for where he is today, its been all him! he has been out and clean for 17 months and has become a spiritual giant with strong spiritual goals and ties to the LDS faith. last night he came over and spent a lot of time with me ... we talked about his girlfriend and the obstacles they face with him being mormon and her not. it comes down to in many ways that she is upset that he loves God more than her, that the gospel is first for him! i was so floored by this spiritual giants really unlikely testimony! what an amazing example to me. he loves her but he realizes that it takes more than love to make a marriage work, he gets that its a triangle! wow!

this week was my first week on a new diet and excersize program that strongly consists of yoga! this is all thanks to a good friend of mine, heather delaney, who is so amazing! she teaches yoga @ golds and has a lot of nutrional and excersize knowledge! she comes to my house to yoga me out on tue & thur even though she teaches thur night. she is so positive and loving and such a dang good friend. its only been a week but i feel a thousand times better than i did last week and my gratitude for her is deeper than the ocean! when i feel like crap about myself my life turns upside down.... i have been there for a while, i feel a turn and it feels sooooooooo good!

really the little girl in this car in this commercial should be storie ...

who would you buy a volvo for? what would life be without this typical girl in my life? he spirituality is amazing and her zest for life is overwhelming and inspiring!

"mom i want a pig for my b-day" me "ok saylor." saylor "no mom i mean i really want a pig, a live one!" "what does that mean saylor?" "it means it breaths and stuff!"
check out these darling pics my friend darla sent .. .this pig has been adopted by this sweet pup family .. now i even want one!

continuous heartbreaking moments of realization of what we go and went through .... her finding an article in the friend .... and pointing to the illustration and saying "look mom a baby thats like me!" constant perspective of what life is really about.

what would this post be without gratitude for the man in my life? who just loves me more than i love myself, unconditionally! when i am not even close to good enough for myself i am good enough for him! last night he even did a yoga video with me cause i really wanted and needed a work out. he was so serious about it and really did but he was his typical self. picture this .. .the yoga video lady saying "feel your breath .." now picture nate in mountain pose holding his hand in front of his mouth so he can feel his breath! lol! or at the end instead of saying "namastay" he says "i am not gay" or "have a nice day" LOL

last but not least the events with stock of the last week. this is not stock and this is nothing like what his new mohawk looks like but you would think that this was how i sent him to school on thursday based on the reactions of some of the teachers at his school, the poor principal had to be the bad guy and administer the phone call home instructing me to cut it. to make a long story short he went to school on friday still mohawk in tact. we also had a monumental moment with stock that almost every parent has that owns a son .... that dreaded "your son has been in a fight on the playground call," turned out to be not so big of a deal ... boys are boys! lately i have felt very bonded to this young man and for him in my life i am grateful!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

lucky ducky

its almost here ... pantywaist & co launch party! SAT MARCH 15TH 10-3 @ NOAHS IN LINDON!

life comes at you fast be ready with great products! all you friends and family that stalk my blog you better be there with you all your friends and if you want me to smile big blog about it so we can get as many people aware of our products as possible. i am really excited for you to all see the amazing crib sets & grocery cart covers, as well as the hardware just a few of our amazing products oh and the baby legs! woohoooo!

email me with any questions .... c-u there!

oh and the whole duck thing ... ok so the first 24 people to place an order will get a duck out of the bucket, if they are lucky their ducky will have a discount on it for their order! yeah!

not to mention the talents of darla roze photography & pink piggy designs will be present!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

unwanted vibrating body massage

k so anyone want one? go to sundance, the snow is rock hard! try on a board and head down the slopes, medium speed will do and you will feel the vibration!

hit two runs today and headed back home. havent been up in a few weeks either i have been too busy or sick. so thought i would do a condition check today and i was sorely disapointed. things are just going that way for me this week, murphys law i guess!

my moms pantywaist show is coming up this saturday and you all should come! noahs 10am - 3 pm anytime! i was in charge of hosting packages and mailing out invites, that darn murphys law keeps following me around and wouldnt send my postcards through the post office! makes me so darn mad!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

donkey baseball & 2nd place

what the ..... yeah thats what i thought. so this weekend stock had a wrestling tournament in spanish fork and nate was on a campout with the scouts so that left me and the girls. anxiety rush! i asked my bestest friend angi if we could stay at her house in spanish because stock had to wrestle friday night and saturday. she also watched the girls for me which was just an answer to more than just my prayers! friday night was the folkstyle portion of the tourni & stockton was put in a round robin bracket of 5 matches .... this is good he needs the mat time and experience but it landed us there until a little past 11. the first match was against merryweather ... the son of a kid i grew up with, this kid was tough and has been wrestling a few years, stock got wooped and didnt score any points. dido on the 2nd and 3rd matches. then the 4th and 5th came and even though the kids still lost the matches he started to fight and score points, something clicked and he got tough! i was so proud of him, all i really wanted was for him to try his hardest and he finally was. while bleacher sitting and match waiting the old grandpa behind me told me about donkey baseball, every player has a donkey they can ride them or drag them a long but either way they have to keep their donkey with them. the donkeys are specially trained to not let their player touch bases or a ball, so as you can imagine quiet hilarious! this is now on my list of things to see and do someday! that night was one of the sweetest nights of all my memories of times alone with stockton, everyone was already asleep so stockton and i jumped in one of the blowup beds waiting for us to settle in for the nigh and just talked ... we talked for a while. it was beautiful and i loved every second. then came sat morning freestyle and double elimination. first round stock got a bye, in the end this was great. 2nd round he didnt score any points and got wooped. his coach talked long and hard with him, so did i. then 3rd round came and he was matched up against the merryweather kid that was ultra tough. suddenly he was a different kid. scoring 11 points in the first round, and 6 in the second for a match win, i didnt even know it was my son, i was so excited i started to cry ... oh yeah i was that proud! he was soooo tough! he wrestled so hard and became the tough kid i know he is! it was so cool. he took second in his bracket of about 35 kids. great weekend!

Friday, March 7, 2008

storie's baptism

lets start with the hair ... oh the hair! the kind that gives both mom and child a headache but is worth it on this special day. we talked about how it looks like a crown and the symbolism of that while we did it. leave it to me to turn hair time into spiritual time!

its obvious that steve andersen is the man! the girls in our ward love him like a dad, especially storie she loves to have handstand or screaming wars with the andersens. she is, we are very close to them!

my two sweet girls and of course storie primping stockton making sure he looks proper, a typical role for an older sister .... take a look at his face!

how grateful i am that nate lives worthy enough to perform priesthood ordinances for our children. he amazes me, i am so grateful for his ways of life.

in the end my reflection of this day is of a beautiful and very spiritual daughter of god walking down a hallway in a white dress.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

peom versus

last Friday storie had a little program at her school. each kid in her class was to recite a poem, there were a few songs as well including "christopher robin" there was no doubt that storie loves to sing, she did a loud but good job and remembered her poem well! baptism photos next ....