family pic

family pic

Friday, March 30, 2007


Many of you have been so concerned about the going ons of Saylor and what we are doing surgicaly this year. Last week we had an MRI and a VCMG explaination of both of these is lengthy so we will skip over that for now. we were anticipating at the very least doing bladder reconstruction this year, which is major surgery. As it turns out for now she will not have any surgery for at least 6 months maybe even a year. They have decided to wait until she is a little older on her bladder, as for her feet (which need operating too) she needs to grow more, and as for her back she seems stable right now so we will go back to clinic in 6 months and see how she is doing. We are excited to have a fun summer without surgery, at least thats what we plan on. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns. we love you all! This is her today, refusing pants, wearing dora cowboy boots and cruising in the walker around the house.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Painting What?

Storie & Stockton painting an iron animals you know whats.... we didnt prompt them they just did, dont think they knew what they were doing.


A few of my friends have family blogs and i just think it is a great idea, i have a company blog for studio stems but i thought its about time to start a family one. Maybe you can keep up with us now. There will be fine's for spitting so none of that! This is an old sign from Palm Springs where the kids and Audrey recently vacationed. We missed dad though so we came home early. The rest of the pix are from the children museum in Cathedral City, all 3 of them working on a giant magnet board, Stockton rock climbing, Saylor looking pretty normal pushing a cart and buying groceries in a just her size store, and Storie dressed up in classics.