family pic

family pic

Monday, February 21, 2011

the end of an adventure

Happy Presidents Day 2011. For some a meaningless holiday, but non the less a day off right? For us its an anniversary! 8 Years ago today {presidents day} we headed into an ultrasound {with the never forgotten dr glenn schemmer}, THE ultrasound that changed our lives. This was also the day that we began enrollment into the study. This time of year always brings serious reflection back for us but even more so with the timing of the conclusion of the study! Just a week & a half or so ago i was flooded with emails, texts, and phone calls as the study concluded and went public. It was everywhere, the today show, cnn, new york times, newsweek, every media outlet you could consider, even our local BYU news station called for an interview. The study had a surprising outcome for me. Of course i was thrilled by the findings and filled with gratitude but i also am concerned about the facets the media is not mentioning. But it appears that this will indeed be a viable treatment option, and wasnt that the goal all along? to contribute to a better life for not just my own daughter, another option for treatment. I feel accomplished i must admit for the small role i played in the bigger plan. It seems like so long ago, yet like yesterday. Its hard to believe that my little angel was the first born, and here it is 8 years later, concluded. Amazing!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

House is on the Market!

I know your thinking WHAT!?!?! Again????? Yep again. Its all we know, we are good at it and sometimes it make sense. Here is the deal, this doesnt quiet feel like home. We dont really feel like Provo is who we are or where we are supposed to be. So after this inner torment of exploring why and what those feelings are about and nearly a year of discussion, we have decided it does no harm to list it and see where the journey takes us. So here we are again ....

Its darling ... I know. But I also am all too aware of its downfalls. Either the right person will come a long or they wont. But the short of it is, there isnt much to chose from in this area this close to BYU and what there is to chose from is not nearly this nice!

We have listed with our trusted agent Todd Telford with prudential, and so it goes.

I have so much to blog about, big topics the MOMS conclusion, Saylor skiing like a pro on the big mountain 100 times faster then her last video, wrestling, swimming, atlanta, work ... oh i can go on and on. chances are i will only get to a few them. Patience iagoooooo.