family pic

family pic

Thursday, July 26, 2007

on tv

so for those of you who didnt know audrey was on TV this morning on "good morning utah" like 15 seconds of airtime to promote studio stems, but still! it was free of course and they asked me! i was nervous and for good reason i am pretty sure the camera adds more like 50 lbs! not too pleased with the outcome of how i looked but really pleased with what i said. sounds like this may have opened a door or two for me to be featured on some other local programs. exciting! the picture above is of the arrangement i did for the show. i never went to sleep last night and i rolled out of bed exausted at 3:30 am to get to salt lake to film on time. came home to a usual day in holland ....

so for news on saylor. she has been having nose bleeds almost everyday for about a month and they have been pretty bad ones too! i took her in last week to see her pediatrician, he thought that she might have a blood disorder but didnt want to subject her to the testing yet he also felt that it could possibly be environmentally related like from the AC or polution etc... so he told me to moisterize her nose with vaseline and if it was still continueing in a few weeks to come back in. about a week passed and she wasnt really having them until yesterday morning when a serious gusher hit both of us on the way out of bed. then this morning when i got back from filming my mom was holding my lethargic baby and points out her alien looking ear oozing out white stuff all over with a little bit of crusted blood. my heart hits the floor in my usual holland panic that i just cant make go away sure that we have missed something crucial. i called the ped immediatly and rushed her straight down there. turns out (or so we hope this time) that she has some sort of strange sinus infection from all the bloody noses and that moved to her ear and ruptered her ear drum. needless to say we have not had the best day! yes we checked her ears the week before and they werent infected but now she is oozing infection. so she is on anti's yet again and also some pain meds and we are living as most do in holland.

well its time to feed them all .... nate is gone running the snake river! he left an hour or so ago and i already miss him!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


thought you all might want to see the smoke that hangs over our heads! so sad!!! this fire is close to nephi so a little less than an hour south but it has covered us in a dark cloud and looks to be a very serious fire. it started this afternoon. just as we finished up fighting the biggest wildfire in utah history! now mother nature aims to beat her record.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

dont have to

I am so bad at posting. i just recently decided that i dont have to have a picture to post and that maybe some of you wont mind just words! then maybe i will post more, then maybe you will know a little more about us, and then maybe more of you will read our blog more often. ok so here it goes .... general updates ....

Nate is doing great, spent this last weekend at the cabin and enjoyed it thoroughly! scared audrey to death when he didnt check in and then didnt come home when she thought he should. but she discovered that dispatch at highway patrol is really very nice. he mowed and cleaned things up which is far overdo, but what can we say its been a busy year. He recently survived scout camp as the scout master and with more than 20 boys. i think there should be t-shirts for that, they should say i survived scout camp etc .... work is still busy and strong just like him!

Audrey's business is still doing really well and moving forward faster than ever thought. i love all the friends i now have in the industry and being able to create on someone else's dime! not that my clients dont benefit, they do! love having the kids out of school and hate it. goes both ways. cant wait to design another house but am frustrated about the slowness of the sale of this one. what is with me one minute time is moving to fast and the other to slow!

storie is busy singing ... she loves to sing. playing with friends telling us scenarios out of 100 sentences when it should take only 2. she is like that little girl on the volvo commercial. think maybe we should buy her one? she is so smart and bright and she obeys me and is so helpful around the house. storie and saylor have become a lot closer than i though their ages would allow at this stage.

stockton is still a clone of nate. he has decided that nothing works the way he thinks it should at least not the basics of life, like how your clothes and shoes fit and when and where you can play etc... he went to the cabin with nate and enjoyed himself too! the kids have had some strange rash virus and he is down with it now, we have discovered that benadryl makes him angry!

saylor is well. she is starting to use her wisdom against us. she has recently become mischevious and sneaky and when she gets caught she uses the funniest escapes! for ex.... recently she got in trouble for pouring an entire bottle of gatorade on stocks head in the car no less. when we got inside i put her on the couch in time out in order to bring more order and she proceeded to tell me that Jesus didnt like the way i was treating her. today she decided to slip some chips into her dress pocket for church. we called her naploen the rest of the day. yesterday she went to beauty and the beast at the hale center theatre and now she is sure she knows the difference between a true love kiss and a not so true love kiss! she is so darling!

well hope this is enjoyful!