family pic

family pic

Friday, March 30, 2007


Many of you have been so concerned about the going ons of Saylor and what we are doing surgicaly this year. Last week we had an MRI and a VCMG explaination of both of these is lengthy so we will skip over that for now. we were anticipating at the very least doing bladder reconstruction this year, which is major surgery. As it turns out for now she will not have any surgery for at least 6 months maybe even a year. They have decided to wait until she is a little older on her bladder, as for her feet (which need operating too) she needs to grow more, and as for her back she seems stable right now so we will go back to clinic in 6 months and see how she is doing. We are excited to have a fun summer without surgery, at least thats what we plan on. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns. we love you all! This is her today, refusing pants, wearing dora cowboy boots and cruising in the walker around the house.


chu soohoo said...

I sure remember the 'cruiser' from our last get together @ the MU foodcourt in front of Panda Express. And I sure love that cute girl in dora cowboy boots & her family too!
Auntie Chu

Rebekah said...

Sweet little Saylor! She's such a strong little girl! And you guys are such great parents too!