family pic

family pic

Thursday, July 26, 2007

on tv

so for those of you who didnt know audrey was on TV this morning on "good morning utah" like 15 seconds of airtime to promote studio stems, but still! it was free of course and they asked me! i was nervous and for good reason i am pretty sure the camera adds more like 50 lbs! not too pleased with the outcome of how i looked but really pleased with what i said. sounds like this may have opened a door or two for me to be featured on some other local programs. exciting! the picture above is of the arrangement i did for the show. i never went to sleep last night and i rolled out of bed exausted at 3:30 am to get to salt lake to film on time. came home to a usual day in holland ....

so for news on saylor. she has been having nose bleeds almost everyday for about a month and they have been pretty bad ones too! i took her in last week to see her pediatrician, he thought that she might have a blood disorder but didnt want to subject her to the testing yet he also felt that it could possibly be environmentally related like from the AC or polution etc... so he told me to moisterize her nose with vaseline and if it was still continueing in a few weeks to come back in. about a week passed and she wasnt really having them until yesterday morning when a serious gusher hit both of us on the way out of bed. then this morning when i got back from filming my mom was holding my lethargic baby and points out her alien looking ear oozing out white stuff all over with a little bit of crusted blood. my heart hits the floor in my usual holland panic that i just cant make go away sure that we have missed something crucial. i called the ped immediatly and rushed her straight down there. turns out (or so we hope this time) that she has some sort of strange sinus infection from all the bloody noses and that moved to her ear and ruptered her ear drum. needless to say we have not had the best day! yes we checked her ears the week before and they werent infected but now she is oozing infection. so she is on anti's yet again and also some pain meds and we are living as most do in holland.

well its time to feed them all .... nate is gone running the snake river! he left an hour or so ago and i already miss him!


Rebekah said...

That is so cool that you were on TV. Do you have it recorded by any chance? I would love to see it!

And I'm so sorry about Saylor. Poor kid. I hope she starts feeling better!

nadda said...

Hey Audrey,
This is Heather's sister Natalie! Your blog was on her blog so I looked at it. I had been wondering what you guys were up to, so it was fun to see it. Your flowers look beautiful, and that is great that business is going so well. Your kids are adorable and I can't believe how big they are. Anyway, it was fun to see it, and I hope you don't mind!