family pic

family pic

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Festival of Trees

So if you ever have been to the FOT you know how special and fun it is and how many amazing stories of life are found in this one gigantic room .... this year you can find Saylor's story there, thanks to 4 amazing women!!!! This has been an amazing experience for our family and hopefully for all involved! the tree was darling! the best one there by far!!! i am a little biased but seriously it was darling and much of it was hand made! We want to thank Audry Foote, Sarah, Jamie, & Danielle for choosing to be part of our lifes, for their thoughtfullness, charitable spirits, amazing creative gifts, their time! and for thinking of saylor and bringing her a HUGE gift basket full of goodies! what a great way to start the Xmas season! THank you thank you thank you!


Natalie said...

I totally did a tree too Audrey! I wish I would have looked at your blog before going up so I would have looked for Saylor's. Did they have her picture by it? There were so many trees and so little time that I just didn't notice it. That is really cool.

jessica said...

I was just at the festival yesterday, didn't know there was a tree for Saylor, but thought of her when I was there. So sorry I didn't call to find out!
I just looked at Davinas blog and cried the whole time! Audrey you are SuperMom, what beautiful pictures.
Everytime I look at your blog I think I need to start one of these, it is so fun to see and keep updated. It's like the scrapbooking thing to me, my kids will probably feel jipped one day but not being a Super Mom we will all have to suffer. We love you all and are thinking of you often. -Jessica