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family pic

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i have a feeling thursday is gonna be a good night!!!

but first halloweeeeen!

So miss storie was smarteeeeee pants! so true to her character, easy costume. fun too. stock doesnt like to dress up ... i tried to convince him to be a quarter back by just putting a quarter on his back. that way he wouldnt have to dress up. but he ultimately decided to be nate. kinda interesting because he doesnt look like thats what he is trying to be, he looks like just a football player to the average person ... we all know he doesnt even have to dress up to be nate. and miss saylor insisted upon being mary poppins! she was mistaken for little bo peep, miss muffet, and a few other things but never once did someone guess she was mary .. oh well.

now to the most exciting news of all. a once in a lifetime opportunity. one of nates friends has affiliation contacts with BYU's football staff. after having some discussion with nate about saylor he turned saylors name and our contact info into the football department for the thursday heroes program. a short time later cort trejo with the football department emailed us and asked for some information about saylor and some pictures. we sent it of course. yesterday i heard back from cort, and they have asked saylor to be their hero this week. i am filled with emotion, it floweth over. i am so excited for her and for us. there are so many heroic people out there and so few thursday spots, i am overwhelmed that we have been given this opportunity.

for those of you who dont know what that is, let me explain, what it is as far as i understand it. every thursday before the game the football department brings in someone inspiring to practice, to give the players motivation to play hard and for something. they share the heroes story and spend time with them and their family. they also ask them to sign the team flag and invite them to be part of the team forever. this flag is carried at every game and hangs in the facility.

when we tried to explain to saylor what would be happening this thursday she didnt really get it. so we started watching the bronco mendenhall show on the internet to show her. we did this while doing treatment on the potty and she chanted for about an hour cougar cheers. she is pretty excited. i dont know if she grasps the enormity of this for her and our family but someday she will and i hope that the memories stay strong enough to remember it all.

following sports beat sunday on KSL they feature the hero of the week on the bronco M show. so be sure to watch and spread spread spread the word so you can share this with saylor and us!

thank you for all your love and support. for being part of our lives.


Jessie said...

I got teary-eyed (tears of joy!) when I read this. What a great honor for Saylor and your family. I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Sara said...

what a special opportunity and memory for your family to share-- go saylor! and go cougars!

Tiff said...

That is so exciting! Eric has wanted Ethan to be the Thursday Hero for so long. We watch it every week and it is always so inspiring to hear the stories about the children featured. We are so excited to see Saylor's story:)