family pic

family pic

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

catch up. wrestling. house

ill start by catching you up. so no matter how hard i try to avoid saylor becoming ill it cant be done. she ended up with a bad case of pneumonia and she is just now really starting to feel better. a cold for her is no simple thing. i appreciate all your prayers, thoughts, phone calls, texts etc.. it really makes me so grateful for an amazing support system. when people ask me how we "do it" well we dont do it alone!

so i know you likely need some visual at this point in following this blog ... so here is the tree for this year!

so i never have been able to get an astounding pic of any of my xmas trees (ok well of any tree period) but i am not photog and i can embrace that. so this year i wanted a slightly flocked look on our new little tree and an orange theme so for the most part the colors are shades of orange. one of my fav colors + it compliments so well with our wall color. getting excited for xmas. just a few more things to take care of. its stressful as always. we did set a goal this year to not spend more then $100 on our kids. for those of you shopping for kids you know this is near impossible! and i have to say after lots of leg work and research we accomplished it. at least for presents. the kids have a lot of extras going on right now ... wrestling, snowboarding, and medical bills of course. is that part of xmas? then we have gone wayyyyyy over! but really just gift under the tree wise i did it. and i did it well and with plenty to open.

so i know i havent been great about posting pics of the house. here is a pic of my room.

the color scheme is my favorite room scheme of all time. this room is ittty bittty. but its serves its purpose and is really functional thanks to some clever and thought out solutions. i heart it.

we never have posted wrestling pics so here you go, great shot of stock taking one down with a great shot.

so last four tourni stats on stock 3 first place and one 6th. the 6th was at salt lake slam, a bigger tourni where kids come from all over the US. and let me tell you, you dont travel to another state for wrestling unless your kid rocks! so there were some really really good kids there. i can barely fathom the travel to richfield and making that worth it. but as it turns out stock and nate will be traveling a lot this year for wrestling, some ops have fallen in their laps they cant pass up. such athletes.

ok thats it for today. have way to much to do!


Ashleigh said...

Cute tree and bedroom. I want to come see your home sometime! Have a great Christmas and stay healthy!

Liz said...

I have an itty-bitty bedroom too -- It comes with the territory when you're living in an old house, huh? I hope it wasn't a difficult transition! ;)

Sarah said...

Love the pics of the rooms, it looks fab! And good job on the cash cap! I love it!

Amber Schmidt said...

Once again we were separated at birth... do you KNOW what my bedroom theme is???? Teal walls, brown bedding! AHHHHHHH seriously... our life parallels are getting scary! LOL