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family pic

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the haps

i am gonna start with saylor jae ...

she has officially started back up with wasatch adaptive sports. She had her first lesson this last wed. and as it turns out she has grown enough and finally fits in the walker adaption. she did 3 runs. 1 run more then i expected. and i thought she looked miserable, uncomfortable and unhappy but she kept telling me that is was awesome, she was warm and having a good time. so ok whatev we keep at it then. She still has a lingering cough that we cant seem to get rid of but otherwise is doing well and is healthy at the moment, knock on wood. She had a great week back at school and besides missing half a day to ski went all week! this is almost a record! She also gave a great talk in primary today about being happy all your life with an attitude of gratitude. i can think of no other example better then herself!

onto stock ..

we are in the very thick of wrestling season. and its really starting to get to me. i think i figured out i saw nate for all of about 10 min of real time during this last week. between practice and tourni's the boys arent around much. i miss them. so the stats are these, stock has taken first in every tourni except one and that was a national event that he took 6th in. then this last weekend they went to nevada for another national tourni. stock took 2nd. he done good! i guess the way they set it up is that he could be challenged for his spot, and he was and he kicked A. brought home a trophy! he is pretty pumped. he is also struggling with some sort of cold that has taken his voice. i think i have reflux under control so i am also knocking on wood with him that it is nothing gastro related. doing well otherwise, just one busy focused athletic kid.

storie ... dont have any pics today so sorry. she is doing well, took her 2nd boarding lesson this last friday and had a great day and a great time! i have yet to get myself out there. i just cant seem to find the time. my life is crazy insane it feels. she is doing great, smart little cookier, amazing helper as always. recently a boy has taken interest. i am so not ready for this. it swirls up all sort of emotions that i dont know where to place. ahhhhhhhhhh!

me ... well crazy busy. company logo got a revamp...

and there is just a lot of business stuff going on. including being published in every local mag. some of which did not accredit me. some of which i adore and offered me plate fulls of exposure ... hmmmm and a cover bouquet ..

just lots of changes and business stuff going on. need to take an english final this week and then that will be behind me, thank goodness. loving young womens .... loooooving it. needing to board desperately and just finished another huge wedding this past weekend. it brought a great date night in between set up and take down with my girls jules and neens. we met megan and carla at the bridal show and chatted and smoothed with the industry, then we went to benihana and had a fantastic meal, followed by getting our big uhaul van stuck in a snow packed icy parking lot. a nice gentlemen smoking who knows what had to help us get out! hilarious. then off to a movie 500 days of summer ... and besides some language this is a must see full of comic that made tears of laughter stream my face! then back for clean up. another successful one done. i love my girls!

nate ... well the boy is crazy busy with work (so thankful for) and wrestling (thankful but not, double edge sword, need to learn from saylor clearly) and thats pretty much it!

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Anonymous said...

Tell Stock that I said congrats on getting second place in the wrestling match. That's cool that Saylor can ski in the walker thing.