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family pic

Thursday, March 11, 2010

saylors inner pirate has died

for the last few years {as many of you know} saylor has adorned only a single earing. Its because we made the mistake of not having them both punched at the same time, so she refused to do the other ear! years have since passed, filled with people telling her she has lost her other earing and other comments, not knowing that she only has one earing, thats it and she is pleased and happy with that. We have attempted to bribe, con, and convince her into the other ear several times with no success. As of late she has been waring a darling tink earing that she acquired from our last trip to disney. She simply would only like to wear this one tink earing, and so its been in since oct. its kind of wide ... and well it concealed the fact that her ear was infected until i discovered this was the case last friday {i know i am not the worlds greatest mom any longer} anyhow we removed the earing, but not without some tugging, the back was almost grown into the infected skin. Its not even been a week, infection is clearing but whole is grown in for the most part. So she has opted to abandon her one earing days for no earing days and thus her inner pirate has deceased.

on another note. i have cleaned out the girls closets and while saylor cant maintain a pair of pants for a day she can with shirts, skirts, sweaters, and jackets and we have some really dawling pieces that are tooooo small. strange considering that she is like barely 38 pounds and about that height to and she is nearly 7. anyhow we initially were thinking kid to kid ... but i have found out thats not such a good idea anyway ... sometimes we give them to family or friends but really as i think about those folks my heart turns away {i am sorry ... its nothing personal} i think i want these to go to a little girl whom really needs them and would really appreciate them and whom wouldnt have such brand name cute clothes otherwise. i need suggestions in finding this little girl so shoot me a comment or email if you know of one.

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