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family pic

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010

Halloween has come and gone. And i am kind of sad. Just realizing the kiddos are growing up fast and only so many halloweens where i dress them up and get to take them trick or treating remain. Plus it down poured {for those of you who didnt notice or dont live in utah!} so it ruined a lot of the fun. Stock was a party pooper and really wouldnt dress up, i had all sorts of great easy ideas for him, non of which he would concur. so i let him be. He put on his football pads and game day duds, not really dressing up for the little lad. and he didnt want to be in a single pick, and he wanted to trick or treat with his friends and hang with them not us ... and so you see in some cases the time has in deed fleeted me by.

The girls on the other hand, let me have some fun! storie came up with the idea of being "a storie book" on her own. I just used some crafty imagination and skills to create an easy simple costume for her. and saylor, we fought back and forth about many ideas, she finally settled on "tickled pink" and i let her, cause it was exhausting. and in the end ... she was a doll as usual!

I had to help with a YW activity so sweet neen's actually got saylor started while the two older's were out with friends! thanks neena, your a gem!


Mimi said...

Saylor told me about "tickled pink" and she looks adorable! Storie's costume is also awesome

.:.A.:. said...

so cute!!! love the costumes! miss ya!

THE O'BRIENS said...

They are so cute. Crazy how fast they are growing up! Stockton is already acting like a teenager! Miss you guys. Just the other night Hallie was talking to Aaron and he said, "Hallie you remind me of your cousin Storie." We say this alot. She talks alot like Storie used to. It seems like yesterday she was her age!

Sandy said...

Cute and original!!!

Natalie said...

Love Storie's costume! And I stole some of your music :) Hope things are going well for you!

Meilani said...

I love both of the costumes! So cute and creative!