family pic

family pic

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the physicality of life inside me

No this is not me. And if you have never seen this image before, ill be surprised because its ALL over the internet. I have actually had it saved on my computer for several years now. It reminds me of the precious experience of having life move within me. There were many years that I really quiet frankly longed for this feeling again, not knowing that i would ever have the opportunity to feel it again, the memory doesnt serve it justice in the least bit. Though i have been feeling my little man for a couple weeks now, the movements have become much more prominent and frequent the last few days. It almost seems odd and perplexing to really ponder about. I dont recall having this physical feeling of growth as intensely as i have this time around. Each movement brings me a little smile, mostly internal, sometimes external. It also brings an immense gratitude and awe for my Heavenly Father. Nate reminded me last night in a blessing what a precious time this is, and how much closer to my Heavenly Father this makes me. Its a state of being to be envied and cherished, its also temporary. Holy moments, of being what i am at this moment. so profound ...

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Natalie said...

I needed to be reminded of this. Thanks Audrey. Pregnancy kicks my butt so I need all the reminders of its sacredness :)
I'm not pregnant yet :)