family pic

family pic

Monday, December 5, 2011

The G Tree

This year at our house during the month of NOV we had a GTree in the house! A gratitude tree that started off bare and eventually finished its days off like this. First time tradition that will never be lost, it was a fun and a beautiful experience. The girls helped me make the leafs and we left a vase with the leafs and sharpies near the tree all month, everyone was free to do as much or as little as they wanted and to write what they wanted. The only rule .... no reading the leafs!

Thanksgiving day would be a lovely day to read the leafs but for our fam this year we read on the Sunday after T-day. We spent at PCMC and i just decided it would best to wait until we were all home gathered around our own table eating together. And i am grateful i did, it really extended the season a bit for us.

All the leafs were meaningful and touching and i couldn't believe the mature perspectives of my kids. They continue to amaze me. And some of the leafs left us rolling with laughter. Good times!

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