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family pic

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ever wondered how to support Saylor???

As many of you know a highlight in Saylor's life is skiing. Its a big deal to her and to us. A magical gift of movement and wonder that leaves her on a high that we cant seem to create any other way. Something seemingly impossible creating a wave of fresh cold miracle!

You may also know that the program that makes this possible is Wasatch Adaptive Sports @ Snowbird. Without them we could never provide this experience for her, nor would she be as good as she is! For many years now they have been so generous in what they have done and made possible for Saylor, endlessly blessing her and our family.

Every year in March they host the Steve Young Ski Classic as their big fundraiser for the year. The success of this event is crucial to the vitality of this program! Not only does it raise the funds to make this program capable of blessing Saylor and others like her it provides the participants of the program a fun ski race to participate in. Something Saylor anticipates all season long!

Last year she was so excited to go and suddenly a few days prior went into kidney failure and landed herself in the hospital. I was devastated and she was too! It was a break your heart kind of week, all I could think of was that she would miss this ski race that was so important to her. Well another year has come and gone and next week {cross my fingers} she will get to participate again!

EVER WONDERED HOW YOU COULD SUPPORT SAYLOR? We have never really been the kind of family to put our hands out or ask for financial support but if there was a program that we felt strongly about this would be one of them! So here we are ....

In conjunction with the fundraising surrounding this event Wasatch Adaptive Sports will be doing a raffle drawing on Monday March 19 2012. All proceeds will go to WAS as these items have all been donated. What is in the pot to win? Things like ...

2012 winter week lodging at iron blosam lodge @ snowbird!!!!
Ski & Snowboard clothing & accessories {top of the line!}
Dinning gift certificates
Spa & Salon services
and so much more!

I happen to have raffle tickets and Saylor would love to sell you some in hopes of supporting the program that supports her! You can get 3 tickets for $5!!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN!

If you are interested, please email me asap with the amount of tickets you would like and when you want to meet up, or mail up, or exchange up funds as well as what name, phone number, address, and email you want on each raffle ticket. {} You can also FB comment or message me!

Regardless I just want to say how much I appreciate all the support we get on Saylor's behalf. We know how immensely blessed we are to have her and to experience the miracles we do everyday, and often times those miracles happen through our experiences with those around us. Thank you for your support!!


Unknown said...

We love Saylor and your family, and feel excited to help out! Thanks for letting us know!


Wasatch Adaptive Sports said...

Wow. We are truly honored. Saylor is one of the most amazing girls we have had the privilege to ski with, and we can't express how much she means to our instructors and our program. Go Saylor! -- Wasatch Adaptive Sports

Anonymous said...

Totally need an update and photo update lots of them :)