family pic

family pic

Saturday, December 29, 2007


COSMO! The long awaited pictures of this amazing personal visit to our home are finally being posted. sorry it has taken soooo long! All that comes with christmas and nate being home makes for little productivity on my end. I first want to say a big THANK YOU to the HOLKER FAMILY and of course COSMO for making this happen! What an awesome thing for saylor, she feels so special and she is still on cloud nine! she loves the cougs and she loves cosmo not a game passes by that she doesnt ask about him! we will never ever forget this experience. we have video and some day i will have the time to figure out You tube and how to post our videos or just how to post them on the blog in general!

we have been so blessed this past few months with amazing experiences and so many milestones for everyone in our family! look forward to seeing posts on saylors recent skiing experiences, my out of boundry back country boarding with nate and aaron, maybe some wrestling stuff and horsebackriding updates.


Randy, Ashleigh, & Brady said...

Audrey! That's great that you have a blog! I love blogging! I hope your Christmas was wonderful.

We got family pictures taken and Brady wore that adorable outfit you made for him! I love that outfit! Thanks again! Keep in touch!

The Fraser's said...

What a happy day for Saylor! I bet you all enjoyed it too! I can't wait to see the boarding pics!
I miss you a have to come out here and visit the sites...loves and misses!

heather said...

Hi I am one of Susan Yates friends in Colorado and I have to say that I loved your Christmas card how did you do the insert? Was it printed? I would love anything you could share i might copy next year! Thanks Heather