family pic

family pic

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saylor Ski's !!!!!!

So long awaited ski pics. some of you have heard that saylor is skiing. how did this come about you say? well we have heard of the National Ability Ski program but have always been told that she is too small for their equipment, meaning chair skiing equipment. Nate and i really want to pursue this snow venture simply because its where i love to be in the winter! nate enjoys boarding and i intend on teaching the other two kids and we have always concerned over that this might leave saylor out and how that hurts us and is not what we wanted. saylor has this great physical therapist, mind you he is pricey and no insurance coverage here, mike workman, and he works her hard! he suggested that saylor ski, like any kid would and felt she was capable. he started putting her in boots and skiis and pulling her around at therapy on carpet. so i started looking into some places he recommended and found WAS wasatch adaptive sports at snowbird. To make a long story short she is now in that program with a full scholarship given to her by the director of the program peter mandler and funded by steve young. gratefully cause we wanted this but could not afford its steep fees. she will go every week for the remainder of the winter, granted good health.

as you can imagine this was an emotional step for everyone in our little fam. especially nate and i as we watch our miraculous lifes happen before us. our gratitude has been immensly deep as of late, as well as our wonder as to how we are so blessed to have this angel in our lives so closely. there was our twisted little girl that supposidly would never even walk, skiing, like any kid would learn to ski. my heart is full!

Almost ready! having a talk with dad before she heads up the lift with brian and peter.

Proof that saylor can do it, standing on her own in this whole getup! so much layers and stuff and helmet and goggles and all that junk and there she is on her own in skis

Riding the lift. A hard thing for me as a parent to let happen! i think the lift is a scary thing! getting on and off requires so much coordination and its hard to trust someone else i hardly know with her safety! another reminder that its my calling to share her and not hord her!

Look at her, would you even know that she is anything more than just a kid skiing for the very first time? i wouldnt! maybe though thats because i dont ski!


The Torgersen's said...

That's so awesome Audrey!! How fun for Saylor and for your whole family. I miss the snow.

The Fraser's said...

So brave...ALL of you! It's exciting to have such happy moments to share! Soon enough she will join you boarding! loves and misses~

Natalie said...

Awesome! Does she just stretch your mind to all that is possible? I'm glad that you can all be little snow bunnies now :) I hope you had a good Christmas, I thought we'd hang out with Heather, but it never happened. Next year I'm totally planning it. Life is just too busy, it is hard to do everything I want.