family pic

family pic

Monday, February 23, 2009

i will walk

this is Neena, aka jasmine. she is a neighbor of mine and also worked for me for several years. we became very close, she is like a little sister! she is now on a mission in atlanta georgia. we have also grown close to her family. sometimes they sit with us at church and often times they have play dates with my kids. yesterday Neena's family sat with us on our pew at church. and saylor and neena's dad steve had this convo ...

saylor: where is jasmine?
steve: she is on her mission
saylor: where
Steve: (shows her the bulliton with all the mission address's and points to neenas) she is here, see this is her address in georgia.
saylor: what is she doing?
steve: she is teaching the people the gospel
saylor: i am going to go on a mission
Steve: oh really? and what will you do on your mission
saylor: I WILL WALK.


Susan said...

That is so precious! I bet she will! :)

Sara said...

that's pretty darn awesome.

Anonymous said...

If anyone can, Saylor can!