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Monday, February 9, 2009

a worthy cause in the congo

My good friend Cynthia @ enizio will be holding a dress drive on april 11 2009 to benefit a very worthy, need of attention, cause. please check out her blog link here for more info! but the jist is this, enizio will be collecting/receiving any prom style dress's you can donate at their studio in lehi until april 11th, at which time they will hold a dress drive (sale) where they will turn those donated dress's over and sell them to local high school students. no dress will be marked more then $40. what a great way to get a great prom dress in rough economic times. this is helping our local kids too! ALL proceeds will be sent to the panzi hospital in the congo. I really admire cynthia for her drive to make a difference in the world and her dedication to humanitarian aid!


Engrained Emotions said...

great idea, and a way for me to make room in my closet. We have several.....

Sarah said...

I'm calling my mom right now to see if she has any dresses! I love this idea! Thanks for posting it.