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family pic

Monday, August 17, 2009

house update. tile ... regrets

ok so i didnt want to make y'all wait another two weeker to get an update so here it is ...

house: i have spent the last well hmmm 11 days on my hands and knees at that place. i am not even sure what it looks like beyond the floor anymore. it took us saturday to saturday to lay 800 sq feet of 18 inch onyx tiles on a very uneven floor that now is mostly even. thanks to my brother and dad clair for helping out, couldnt have made it without them. then there was kev & merv.... who laid 7 tiles and broke 2 in the same amount of time that i laid 25 by myself hmmmmm. but then barrett showed up and redeemed nates friends. i spent half the day saturday grouting and all day and night tonight. but its done. now it just has to be sealed. and after all this i cant help but wonder ..... why didnt i just do hardwood? now onto more tile in the showers and countertops and then we are pretty close to the fine tuning of things and a move. yet still the endless days of hard labor and being pulled in 100 directions has me hanging my only a thread.

co: i am recovering from my trauma slowly but surely and coming to see that i did indeed survive and i will indeed and my co will indeed be ok. still not talking about it.

kids: well they start skool in a few days. lots of last min preparations with saylors needs at the skool. why does it have to be done so chaoticly? i tried to take care of this months ago. stupid skool district. i am trying to evade my feelings and emotions regarding them all going to a new skool with no friends but obviously saylors extensive needs have me in near cracking mode. i know we will get through but i also no what an emotional disaster i will soon be in.

so thats the jist for now as far as my brain can tell. more to come ... if i survive.

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The Fraser's said...

You are so inspiring to so many A! I can't tell you how much I look forward to your updates and I know all will be well with you. I miss you tons and tons! Luv, j