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family pic

Monday, August 24, 2009

maybe thats what i see & feel

i think i see light at the end. and i am contemplating wether or not to run to it with nate. could it really be real? so i think it might be. the house is getting close, dangerously close to us living in it. there is only a few odds and ends to do, lots of touch up painting and finshing touches as well as sealing and cleaning things up but we are ever so close. it feels realistic these days. not to say that more work is not to come ... it is we still have the exterior and the office/workroom to conquer but phase one is almost complete. i need some fresh air!

on another note ... school started last week! it still doesnt feel right, doesnt it seem to early? and my kids only go till 1:30 everyday the rest of august. so i feel like they are all in kindergarten. home to soon! stock and storie are adjusting well and have made some good new friends. they like their teachers and seem to be settling in just fine. they are such strong kids with amazing spirits. saylor also seems to be doing well and is her usual resilent self. its a little harder for her to adjust but a new school and especially that school requires a lot from her. the staff that surounds her education experience ie* principal, special ed, physical therapy, her teacher, school nurse, school aids, well just about everyone seem really overwhelmed by her! i feel like i am talking them through it on a daily basis. but if thats what has to be done ... then so be it. ill do it! things are going better then they were the first few days and i think we will all get there as a team to maximize her experience.

ps before you all ask or at least some of you ... saylor had her first bike crash the day before school. thus the nasty owy on her face! i am just glad she is having bike crashes .... like a normal kid!

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Sarah said...

I totaly thought her crash mark was like a trendy thing to do with make-up. I really did. I had to go back and look because I didn't know if that was what you were talking about. I'm so excited to see the house! I hope you will show it when it's all done.