family pic

family pic

Monday, October 5, 2009

and the adventure continues .... my brothers keeper keeps me

I dont update you near enough. i know this because i feel like i have so much to write from just a mere weekend that my mind cant return to the days prior to remember any events that may have occured.

the trinkets above remind me of me! they represent the smile beaming on my face since my arrival home last night. they came from my beloved friend SS and from there i think they came from salem ...oh salem how you intrigue me. oh S how i adore you. she knows the way straight to my heart though we know each other little. sisters in souls. she thought these things were a bit me and was kind enough to send them in a package and brighten my life. she included candy and myusic. can i get any better? not for me. oh SS how i love you how you have made me feel special and loved and supported. thank you.

let me tell you when i opened this package to create impact..... please read thoroughly for the impact.....

this is storie & mattea. they were born on the same day, in the same hospital, delivered by the same doc to two best friends. More connected then this? likely not. Jamie and i (the moms of course) were the closest of friends in our younger years. life has taken us apart and recently back together again. so we decided a girl trip was in order for some more reconnection. for some odd reason jamie was surprised by the natural connected storie and mattea felt ... but i was not at all surprised! how could they not just be buds? they wanted these shirts so bad. they say "I am with my BFF" with arrows pointing to each other. We stayed overnight in park city, went out to din, the kids swam and swam, then talked and talked (and yes we did too!) and i felt young again, filled with nostalgia. had a rough night, saylors bladder wasnt holding up well and brought me some serious concern in the morn, of which i tried to ignore so we could all continue the fun. shopping and cloudy with a chance of meatballs took us into the afternoon when i realized i could not ignore the bladder situation at hand. such is my life, the roller coaster i ride. so we parted ways sadly and i headed to the cabin to conveen with the hub about the apparent bladder situation.

my arrival to the good old cabin was greated with a great move .. more work. you see a lot of our stuff that wouldnt fit in our house we felt could make do at the cabin better then the 100 year old furniture encrusted in spiders could. and though i love the creatures i dont like to sleep with them. so a cathing of saylor and a calming down took me to the moving of furniture and the quick discovery of the culprit to saylors woes ... the poool! swimming. that was the common factor. hours came and went and we realized she was leveling out and would be fine. how we will address this prob i have no idea. i would hate to take yet another human luxery from her. a really great nights sleep on new cabin mattress felt sooo good. morning brought

CONFERENCE! a great revival of spirit. and i realized i am my brothers keeper and i am a missionary. not very good at either but i see that i try ... perhaps in the wrong sort of ways. but the path is a tad clearer now. for the first time maybe ever i didnt want to leave the cabin. the rain and the snow were falling, the cabin is finally nice and real life awaited me at home .... sigh. so we clean and load up. nate high centers the scion and messes up one of the tires. my fearful ride home begins and continues when 15 min out we realize we have forgotten crutches so a turn around and half hour delay later we are back on the road with crutches. a few min later a disgusting mattress comes flying off the trailer with a few other disgusting incidentals to hit my car. lovely. thankfully traffic on this rural road is sparce and we in the scion are unscathed. but the truck and trailer that so gracefully tried to kill us kept moving down the road. i would have called the cops ... except that trailer and truck also belong to me with a few other incidentals inside. car is still covered in mattress materials of various natures. exciting. when i finally catch the trailer and the man driving it. i scream at him. then we put a tarp on. that only a few miles down the road loosens and throws bungeeees at the scion and goes a flapping in the wind. could it be funner .... likely not. rain is coming down, tire light is on. oh so much fun. we are all dirty, and smelly.

then cabin filth hits my laundry room floor while saylor waits for treatment, kids shower, nate unloads and i open this package ... and suddenly all is right again! and i realize that SS is keeping me her brother ... am i keeping her or anyone for that matter? i need to. but oh how good it felt to be kept.