family pic

family pic

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

its not often

i dont usually mix to much studio stems stuff into this family blog. but for some reason i thought i would today. maybe its because so many of my peeps (family included) have no idea what i do or what my co is about. so i thought i would share.

today some of my work was featured on ...

you can see the feature here. i have done a bit of work for them lately and expect to see some studio stems art in their upcoming mag publication as well as more on their site. kind of fun to read what someone else thinks about your co.

also ...

i write and co-own this blog with one of my BFF's megan. so my work is on here on occasion. like yesterdays wedding feature that you can see here. i write flower tip friday every week and usually help out with at least one other post during the week.

another place that sometimes my work can be seen at ...

pink blossom list ... a national floral blog run by the ever so talented nancy liu chin. i write here on occasion and this is also the great team that i will be participating in floral workshop with come november.

there are a few other randoms ... but for now i wont try to celebratize myself. jk. you can always check out my co blog or site as well.

hows that for a plug in?


Sarah said...

Seriously! Were those feathers with the Calla lily's?!!! I'm freaking out! That is sssoooooo cooool! I love your work! And I LOVE weddings! Oh my gosh... I'm really feeling like I'm on a high of creativity after seeing your stuff! Ahhh! I LOVE your WORK!

Anonymous said...

I always love looking at what you do, it is amazing. Way to go on your acknowledgments!