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family pic

Sunday, July 4, 2010

does anyone even read this anymore?

so i have been a terrible blogger as of late, my life is well simply just indescribable at the time. its more then just a roller coaster. its not believable to be honest. that being said i have no energy to explain ... unless of course i actually have readers who care, which i am starting to wonder about anyhow? is blogging personally on its way out?

in the meantime something for you. my new obsession is the documentary "grey Gardens" its a must see. keep in mind my obscure nature though, if you cant ride with me then dont bother. a little taste.


littlefox said...

I can't get this play dang it! You need to order it so I can borrow it and see if I can in fact ride.

littlefox said...
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Sara said...

hang in there dude, there's sunshine out there... let me know when you find it... just kidding:)
hands down i am a straight up grey gardens fan... it speaks to my weird and beautiful and strange and sad... raise the roof for edie!

Meilani said...

Audrey, I read. :) I hope that things aren't too crazy for you. Is Saylor doing okay?