family pic

family pic

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i am just gonna start with a bench

Lately the blog has really been on mind and my to do list. Something i really wanted to get to. SO many family and friends keep up with us this way and i dont mean to leave you behind. i enjoy and appreciate your involvement in our lives and those that actually GET something out of the blog. With all that has been going on in each of our lives i have felt so overwhelmed with how much i need to post. with those feelings has come more procrastination. so this is my attempt to stop the cycle, just gonna blog about something simple today ... in hopes that it gets me going and that i can possibly do a post on each of us in the coming weeks.

not to long ago "the" piano came into our possession. This is the piano that was nate's grandmothers, then his mothers, then it got passed around a bit, dropped here and there by the boys while moving, damaged, worn, loved, neglected, and all those things that happen over the years with pianos. Initially nate thought he would restore the wood at least but to be honest i like its vintage and sort of velveteen rabbit feel. so i left it as is and moved it in to the living room. the bench on the other hand ... the material wasnt working for me. so i have been on the hunt for just the right thing. and of course at the right price. found a pillow sham at DI for $1. this fabric was the center of the sham and it was just enough to cover the bench.

great find if i do say so myself!

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Sarah said...

That is so cute!
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