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family pic

Thursday, September 2, 2010

the bullet

I am just gonna have to skip me. The thought of writing about myself and catching you on the months of chaos that is just simply my world is far to overwhelming. so next ...

Miss storie kate i am gonna work a little backwards

The first day of skool has already come and gone. I cant believe how old my kids are getting and especially my storie kate. She is so gorgeous in who she is physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Lately i have really just felt immensely blessed by her presence. She picked out her own first day of skool out fit ... of course. she is that age now a days. 5th grade. great teacher this year, what a relief!

She has spent a great deal of the summer swimming the provo pikes swim team. This was her first year on a swim team and she proved to be as genetically predisposition-ed as stock, if not more! {insert bragging} stock can swim, he is a good swimmer, really is. super duper strong, but its more a conditioning thing for him and not a real passion like wrestling or football. that being said his best backstroke time is in the 45-48 second range on a 25. Storie .... 17! need is say more? super smooth swimmer. not far into the season her coaches started calling her the bullet. She swims strong and smooth and FAST! at county she took first in not one but TWO strokes. there had to have been at least 5 heats in her age bracket for each stroke! i was so dang proud of her.

We decided it might be a good idea to move her over to a long term year round club team. yesterday was try outs, and though initially i thought it likely was a shoe in, now i wonder. there were far more kids trying out then even the club anticipated for this year. so .... time will tell. we should know early next week. i think she made it, she did great at tryouts. strong girl. oh and did i mention county took place after only 4 days of antibiotics coming off walking pneumonia? hmmm. makes you wonder what the potential is with full health capacity.

we have spent a lot of time at the cabin (see previous post for various reasons) this year. And one of storie's fav trips (this really was a fav for all of us) was when we went up the mirror lake. we stopped at this provo river park area that was incredible. i dont really perceive the provo river as particularly gorgeous. but this area sure is! i have never seen so many falls of such glorious artistic nature. almost landscape like but natural. the rock and its natural erosion was incredible!

another highlight of her summer was acting camp with her BFF mattea. They have a strong connection! it was just destined to be that way. they did a little community acting camp series for a few weeks and then spent the weekend together via sleepover at our house. we had a fun dinner and went to the movie despicable me. it was by far one of the most entertaining evenings i have had as a mother. mattea is hilarious!

oh the moments, they are fleeting. she soon will not want me to hang with her and her friends. i am trying to capture it all while i still can.

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