family pic

family pic

Monday, August 30, 2010


so i figure ill update you one family peep at a time. starting with the oldest. This is not nate, though i know the likeness is astonishing, its not him. But all of his free time outside of work has been spent either with kids {and usually with stock at some kind of athletic thing or another} or preparing for the big elk hunt.

I dont know much about these things, but apparently he has been waiting all his life for this and acquired some astronomical amount of points in order to get this tag. so in short its a big deal. even though i swear not so long ago he went elk hunting, not sure what the difference was then and now. and i could be entirely wrong. all i know is that our late summer and fall every year are consumed with hunting.

but this year there was far more prep then ever before. like the special placement of wilderness cameras. that have caught a latino man out in the middle of nowhere forest private land. a load of deer. some fantastic elk. and a few bears. YES bears! Its not well known that there are bears at our cabin, in fact not many in nates large extended family have ever even seen one on any of the property. but as it turns out there are, and i dare say more than one based on what the cameras have captured.

what else has he been up to? well coaching stock at about every sport he plays which i feel like is everything. when people ask what he plays i would prefer they ask what he doesnt. and nate is always there beside him. little clone. is there such thing as a man umbilical cord? he also plays his own sports, like softball and what not. its fun though, its fun to go to those grown man softball games. praying the whole time no one gets hurt, or at least mine doesnt get hurt.

and work. work of course.


littlefox said...

LOVE the new bright happy look! where's the music though?? This is important Audrey! Love the bear picture.

Charakie said...

My kids thought that was the COOLEST post ever! Glad to see you guys are still alive. Welcome back to the blogging world!