family pic

family pic

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sending 2011 out with a Texas size bang! {day 5}

So there we were, driving down the Texas freeway towards ..... DALLAS! Of course Nate had figured out what was in store but the kids were not sure, though Stock had some ideas and had passed them along he wasnt entirely sure he was right {as if it would have been anything else in this bloody blue family}! This little jaunt was probably the biggest patience tester of the course, the kids were on their very worst behavior and we were tired. Might have been the only time i was feeling like a road trip was not a good idea, thank goodness it was a fleeting moment and i suppose we had to have at least one of them. We checked into Embassy suites late the evening of day 4 and I was delighted to crash into a bigger hotel room built for families!

I know what your all thinking .... boy were these two lads cut from the same mold ... i know i know!

Day 5 morning my kids read a clue about watching a battle and ensuring that we bleed blue, all with hopes of victory! and I dressed them in cougar duds. Bowl game destined we traveled in glee! A big shout out to the Thursday Heroes program that so graciously made this happen for our little family and brought us all pure delight.

Almost just as we arrived we ran into Cosmo, saylors used to be destined beau. He proposed immediately, she giggled, and he blushed. Too bad saylor has recently figured out that mascots are not at all real and that there is actually a person inside there! she has now resigned to not marry an actual cougar, she still thought it was fun.

I particularly was excited about the fact that the bowl game was the "armed forces bowl"! i have such a tender American spot in my heart for those that have and those that do fight for our freedom. We all had a good time hanging out in the REAL choppers used by our military, watching the parachute-rs drift down into the stadium, and the jets are always a sure fav!

The game was for the most part a bit disappointing, that is until the last 11 seconds when the game turned and adrenaline rushed. It was one of those moments in which you just would not want to miss the excitement. So proud of the cougs for turning things around and making magic happen!

Family pic at the stadium and stock in front of the doak walker statue. we traveled over to the after game concert featuring the "lt dan band" meaning GARY SINiSE ... you know CSI NY or otherwise known as LT Dan?!!! AHHH i personally love this guy so i was super excited to see him in real life ... too bad with 4 kids, one being a baby and another in a chair it was next to impossible to get anywhere near close enough to satisfy my curiosity. we arent much for concerts anyhow, we prefer a great sound system at home or in the car.

Off to dinner at one of our favs Cheesecake Factory, where i had perhaps the best dish i have ever had there! To the container store, somewhere i could spend hours in and a late night visit to the DALLAS T!

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