family pic

family pic

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sending 2011 out with a Texas size bang! {finale}

Its about time i finish this all up right!?
Day 2 in Dallas was really about just one person in our family {though we all enjoyed it!} It was about this man ...

Call me a romantic or what have you but i simply wanted to do something special for Nate, that he would know meant something. Its my own love language to be honest, and truth be told he probably does not even speak my language after all these years. But one can hope right? I can only barely understand his! But then the part of the brain that allows one to grasp a new language has always been underdeveloped in me. I knew from a few months back when the Cougs played at the Dallas Cowboys stadium that this stadium was one of a kind and kind of a big deal too. When Nate was a young lad, the Cowboys were his fav team. He doesnt seem to highly favor them much anymore but i do think in general the idea of them holds a special place in his little boy heart. So no way were we coming to Dallas without visiting "jerrys world"!

I have never myself been to an NFL stadium in my life, at least not that I recall. The magnitude is really something fantastic. Lights on the ceiling shaped like footballs in the VIP lounges, not a detail not thought of. An immaculate and clean stadium with level upon level upon level upon seemingly endless level. The largest big screen in the world, the picture hardly does it justice. Speakers the size of suburbans! and tribute ensembles fit to be artistic treasure.

Saylors fav part ... finding Michael J on the wall, her latest fascination.

the locker rooms were a delight it seemed, but i couldnt help thinking of the practical things like ... these are far too clean and structured to be the locker room to a group of grown men with sweaty gear! whatever ... It was a close to the athletes as we were going to get.

this just simply was not something that Nate would have been able to experience as a child, far out of the reach of his single mom upbringing, so it was especially charming to see stock really enjoy this and enjoy it with his dad!

The best part in my opinion, the field! I think everyone enjoyed this the most. We spent a good hour just running, playing, and taking it all in. Saylor especially liked collecting the turf rubber {great for a kid with a latex precaution right?!} ahhhh it was like taking sand in a jar home!

After leaving what would be a disney land of sorts for football we stopped by the Texas rangers stadium just a good rocks throw away. for a quick pic

and this moment marked our journey towards home. not a happy moment, but one of reluctance. Turns out we really liked the lonestar state! It was a shot of genuine Americana fun. The clues continued and we raced towards amarillo because i desperately wanted to visit here ...

Cadillac ranch, amarillo Texas. My kind of adventure. A modern art field with car canvas accessible to anyone! We sadly did not make it in time before night feel and the gates were closed. so my hopes and dreams flew out the odyssey window in the nights sky as we journeyed onward towards good old Albuquerque for another nights rest.

Our last day on the road was the first day of 2012 and brought a bit of disappointment as well. It seemed every stop a long the way left us desolate and bored.

Nate began teaching nox how to drive as his restlessness grew and we passed the great ship rock monument and ogled at its glory from afar. When we reached 4 corners, we discovered we were there on one of the only 3 days a year it was closed, so close yet so far. we werent the only idiots either. We had lunch at the gate and took our break anyhow. In which time over 20 cars pulled in.

In the end, the trip was that which i sought out for it to be. A time to create memories and experiences. Priceless moments of comedy and love. Back to reality and life as we know it.

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