family pic

family pic

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This last monday night we went to cornbelly's for a big family night birthday party event. it was really fun! good to see all my siblings and their kids etc....

my nephews scotty and jack

my brother kade ...

saylor in her favorite kind of seat ... a saddle and yes she is roping a steer!

my nephew chase and niece winnie

my gorgeous niece ... tyler.

In october my mom and i always visit garnders village and see all the decorative witches. its tradition. usually all the kids go but this year they stayed at school for a BYU thing and saylor, my mom, and I went. saylor riding a minature (what i want to get her!) comfortable and always happy on a horse.

saylor is finally back to her wheelin skillful self. it took a while for her to figure out there really is no other way for right now! at gardner's village she did all the work i didnt push her much!

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