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family pic

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


so apparantly i am tagged by heather to blog 7 random things about me (audrey)

so this brings up two issues:

1. i have been a teribble family blogger! i need to blog way more often if i want this blog thing to work!

2. i dont have anyone to tag, heather is virtually the only friend or family that is not business related that blogs so exactly who am i supposed to tag?

anyhow here it goes 7 things about audrey;

1. i used to hate sushi but now i cant get enough of it! i would eat at happy sumo every day if i could afford it! my favorites are sunset, playboy, rock n roll, surf n turf, and vegas.

2. i love, no i mean LOVE to snowboard. give me a board a lift pass and my ipod and i am the happiest girl on earth! i cant get enough! it rejuvinates me and i cant wait to actually have a season pass to sundance this next year so that while the kiddies are in school i can be just me, not mom, not wife, not designer business owner, just audrey on a board in the snow!

3. i am obsessed with good vampires! like most of the nation! i cant get enough of stephenie meyers writings and i get more lost in her books than i have any other book for years and years! thanks for escape stephenie!

4. i love my mac! i would choose it over the pc anyday. not sure if its entirely mac thing or if it has more to do with that my mac is a laptop and is the one and only laptop i have ever owned and i love it! the comercials are good too! plus it helps some of us with boggle! thats for you aaron!

5. i love music, lots of different kinds and i am always looking for someone new. i should change that i LOVE good music, good to me. my favorites right now in this moment colbie caillat, ray lamontagne, rocky votalato, and a few others. i love the way it affects my moods!

6. i love blogs, love to read them love to post on them and love it when people comment and i love to comment too. blogging rocks! except for that i always have to finish with a disclaimer that i cant spell and have bad grammar and dont care enough to go back and fix it! laziness!!!!

7. i get bored easy. by this i dont mean by entertainment bored i seem to have more than enough to do these days but i get bored of my houses, cars, clothes, makeup and a few other things. i like something new and enjoy design so much that i cant resist the urge to design something new and relish in it! this is part of the reason that we have the enerrgy to keep doing houses!

well i would say that about sums it up. how did i do?


Natalie said...

So I totally read your blog and
I'm not Heather! It is kind of fun finding out things about you. Is Saylor going to be in Kindergarten? I'm sending Carston to preschool, but that's weird to think about the day when all the kids go to school. That's a whole different lifestyle!

The O'Briens said...

GOOD JOB AUDREY!!! I'm so proud of you for doing it. Nice, that I do know most of those things about you! What good sisters we are!! And you get bored of things quick?? No way!! I would've never guessed (that is a joke!) love your guts!

audrey said...

sorry natalie your right now there is two of you and if you havent been tagged you have now! thanks for reading the blog!