family pic

family pic

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saylor's first day of school 07-08 year

So the big kiddies have been in school for a week and today is Saylor's first day of her second year of pre-school. She is going to the same disability preschool as last year which is housed in the same school that the other kids go to. She has been pulling the shy card often lately so i worried that she might not adjust well. But thank goodness its all familiar and the teachers are the same, you would have thought she hadnt missed one day since she left at the beginning of the summer. She is doing so well! We spent the last weekend at a ranch with some of my family riding horses, i am pretty sure that if nate and i dont find her a horse and a riding coach soon we will be done fore. She seems to be one with the animals and talks to them! She is very comfortable and confident on top of a saddle. She will attend clinic sometime in September and hopefully that will clarify what we are planning to do surgery wise this coming year. I am being asked often what i am doing with my new found freetime, well its not as much time as it seems. by the time i take them and get back its only 2.5 hours before i have to go back to pick up saylor and she only goes 3 days a week. having the others gone all day is nice though. its different every day but it does make for things getting done faster. today i went for a run, something i have not done in such a long time. it felt really good. i plan on boarding for a few hours in the winter of course every chance i get. sundance is 15min or less away (i have timed it!) so i could get there around 9:30 board until 11:30 and be home in time to pick the little one up. sounds fun, i know your jealous! i have waited a while for this i will enjoy every last minute of it.

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The O'Briens said...

Love the pictures! Your kids are getting huge!! so cute. Sounds like you've got your winter days planned. Wish I could come with. Love your guts.