family pic

family pic

Saturday, December 13, 2008

christmas flower arrangements

would you expect anything less from the creator behind studio stems? perhaps that i make them would be more like it ... life just doesnt allow so once again enjoy some inspiration ....

love this arrangement. so etheral. easily done with some birch paper. mind you i was going to mix this one up for you and of course for myself's own decor ... love my writing? anyhow couldnt easily find birch paper and after several stores i gave up. so if anyone finds any, let me know where!

this great design would require a little pale blue paper and some red craft wire. these are amaryllis a seasonally christmasy flower that is divine!

this weekend we ventured to the small town of spanish fork for a fun filled quant family party with my best friend and her getting much larger then mine family. we have been friends for so long, sisters really. most days its rare if we dont talk, unless of course things are as chaotic as they have been lately so it was good to spend some time together and let the kids spend some time together. we watched ELF, one of my favs for the season. in the morning we headed to the spanish fork wrestling tournament where stockton took first place ... again. it was a good rebound and confidence builder from last weeks downfall. we had a good time, i like being there with him. i dont like the seating arrangement, the crowds, or the smell. and sometimes i dont like the people.

things feel more stable and under control with the exception of some intense nausea i am battling along with a double wammy infection of a girl type nature accompanied by a kidney infection. fun stuff.

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The Torgersen's said...

Thanks for the cold remedy suggestion! I went tonight and got the cayenne, I feel like I might burp a flame!! I really hope this works. Get feeling better soon.