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family pic

Sunday, December 28, 2008

a palm tree obrien christmas uncharacteristicaly done

As many of you know our little fam took off to palm springs for the christmas holiday.(for those of you that didnt know we did not post it, afterall the blog is still public which brings up a whole 'nother topic about to or not to go private!)

we started out on our journey on sunday the 21st. the drive was pleasant, kids were quiet and uncharacteristicaly good. we got to vegas in good time where we checked into the monte carlo (would not recommend!) for a little rest stop off before we headed all the way to springs palm as saylor would say it. the highlights of our sin city visit included but was not limited to these .... (after all what happens in vegas stays in vegas .... oh come on what can you really do with 3 kids at your hips!)

a trip to the bellagio gardens a must do on audrey's list. to seek inspiration and enjoyment and oggle at the enormous floral creations like this family of snowmen built out of white carnations.

and of course there was a visit to the fountain show to see the dancing waters that grace the front side of the already named and desired hotel bellagio, one stop on the way into the gardens and one on the way out. saylor was initially afraid of the dark waters and couldnt grasp the imagery of what we were trying to explain would happen, until of course it happened and then there was sort of an again again theme. we also almost got kicked out of our spot that we had strategically waited in by an onery and rude elderly woman! the nerve ........

we topped off our appetites at the ESPN zone grill. the boys were in sports heaven with 12 huge huge huge screens of sports for their eyes to feast on and our own little private flatscreen at our table that worked like that of an iphone but sports like. pretty happy fellas.

the next morning we slept in, had mcdonalds for breakfast (what would a road trip be without a little mcdees for morning chum?) and headed out to springs palm. pleasant drive where nate realized the speeding capabilities of our new little scion and a deserted desert road. our shortcut typically takes us 3-4 hours to get to springs palm from vegas, but going over 100 most of the way got us there in 2.5. there was no vommiting and yet again the children where very uncharactersitically good. hmmmmm storing up?

we arrived to a sunny but still a little chilly springs palm where glen greated us with eagerness. my dad joined us later that night. for the next few days the kids & nate swam, and swam, and swam some more. saylor conquered a swimming feet and now does not hold onto us at all. her newfound best friend is named noodle. its fun to see her kick and be on her own, free in the water. a feeling i am sure can be surpassed by little if we could only but feel what she does. My dad cooked up his mothers traditional christmas eve feast and all felt as old. we feasted and feasted and feasted. xmas eve brought a welcome suprise with 3 kids who went to bed early and actually went to sleep, and slept. there was little for me to help santa with seeing how so much was just simply shipped in advance but i rearranged the gifts under the tree and helped santa fill the stockings with love. the girls made cookies and gingerbread houses with my dad the night before and so they set them out with notes of curiosity and love for the big red man. saylor is curious as to why he wears a hat? interesting that child. they also opened their traditional pajama gifts!

then once again seriously uncharacteristic the kids slept in. did not wake until eight. this is what they found.
this christmas magic was there as it always is for the kids and though i was happy to be with my dad and on a mini vacay i wasnt feeling it. perhaps the lack of snow? who knows. christmas morning brough the most desired gifts for each including an orange ipod for our nearly teen daughter, football things of all natures for stock, and a cuckoo clock, a pink one! for saylor. one that got little attention after the initial opening! i suppose that pink DS trumped the cuckoo clock quickly.

nate and i both agreed that this was the year that nothing need be done for each other. finances really didnt allow it and really did we need it? so all that we opened was from parents or the kids. this made it really special actually. the kids picked up some very thoughtful gifts at the school store and we were pleasantly surprised.

with the ending of a year and a little more time on my head (yes i meant head) then usual came some reflection. nate really got me far more than i got him. this man was full of service, and service with heart! no complaining came out of the mouth of the man who really was primarily responsible for entertaining the kids, letting me nap and mope a little, and selflessly giving up one of his cherished activities all the while having it shoved in his face! golfing. the clubs simply would not fit and money did not allow. a far cry from our last visit. he may be the primary reason for cheer in my soul this holiday season.

christmas evening brought a movie for the fam, but split we did so audrey and nate could see something worth while, benjamin button. my dad took the kids too ...

which they thorougly enjoyed. my only unusually intellectual critic slept through it. expensive nap. nate and i spoiled ourselfs with this ...

ok, ok I spoiled myself with this. but nate surprisingly really liked this film! its a long one, that stays with you. its magical and interesting and really well done! loved it.

then there was more swimming, and eating, and swimming, and wii playing. teaching my dad and glen to play wii bowling was a highlight worth the trip as well! i think they like it enough that i wouldnt be surprised to find a wii in the home of these two grown men when we come back for a visit. i think that us being there was best for them and that warmed my heart. i found myself uncharacteristically fighting enjoyment. it took my most of the trip to find out why and then deep in my soul i came to the realization that perhaps my health and the bags of caramel, fries, and burgers that have added 20 something pounds to my body were impeeding my ability to have fun. sad realization. not that i didnt know the extra poundage was there but it really hit my like a ton of bricks in the springs palm house of mirrors. and so with deep regret we headed home and suddenly the usual characteristic emerged.

we flew through the desert as we had before but not without a quick stop at the shoe tree. i have posted before about this interesting tree. but never have we thrown shoes upon it. stocks shoes were worn, and they have horrified nate since their birth anyway so a new pair were purchased solely so we could hang the old pair to rest in piece among its fellow shoes.

this tree got me to thinking though about what a shoe tree is about? really its an embodiment of america. started by a lone soul searching for some sort of release as he lets go of a little of himself to adorn a lone highway type tree. sometimes it catches on and other times it doesnt. what determines that and why i dont know. now the tree becomes a little bit of american history. and so we have addded, the obriens where here. christmas 2008.

and the trip concluded with one speeding ticket, lots of throwing up! a bloody nose, a much needed and necessary in and out pit stop to add to the poundage and everyone back to their good old characteristical selfs. what was really important? this


Engrained Emotions said...

sounds delightful. Glad you are home safe and sound.

littlefox said...

Audrey, So glad you are home safe and am loving the new music on the blog!

Jenny Wimmer said...

What a fun Christmas! I bet uncle Dave was so glad you guys spent Christmas with him. Palm Springs is sounding good about right now!

Ashleigh said...

I am glad you went down to Palm Springs for Christmas. I am sure it was really good for your dad especially since Grandma is not here for the first time at Christmas. Looks like a fun trip!

Danielle said...

We have been trying to get to Palm Springs for a couple years and every time something happens and we have to cancel, anyway, we have another date picked and hotel reserved, send me an e-mail where to eat, what to do.

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