family pic

family pic

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

paper or plastic

paper first ... so the christmas cards are beginning to pour in! yeah! love this, its one of my fav parts, to see my friends faces and/or words in print. so i had big plans to include a card holder as one of my holiday crafts to share with you but most of my holiday crafts have fallen by the wayside due to the seriously chaotic state i am residing in currently. so rather you get my inspiration pics, those are better anyhow right!

check out our card this year ...

of course created with the help of my uber talented friend megan at pinkpiggy

onto plastic ...

the antics of a darling five year old ...
saylor "mom i know what your made of!"
me "oh really, what would that be?"
saylor "plastic"
me "really, how did you figure that out?"
saylor "well because plastic doesnt break so that must be what we are made of, except of course when we bleed then we are made of blood."

interesting coming from a girl in her circumstances. later that night i put all the kiddos to bed and set up shop to wrap gifts and get a few things done in my room in front of the TV. i was in and out of the room a bit here and there but mostly in my room. an hour or so later i went to check on saylor, to no avail she was not in her room. she crawls off on occasion so i went on safari for her and found her here ...

under my bed on the hardwood floor asleeeeeep!

more plastic in my life ...

the most inconvenient phone of my life has finally arrived in all its plastic glory. clear back mid nov when my phone broke i ultimately decided to buy a phone off ebay and chose the blackberry i wanted brand new but unlocked for a nifty price tag. merry christmas to me i thought! so i got shipping confirmation on nov 20th, i paid for expedited shipping of course, my phone was on its last leg. well the last few days have been full of frustrating phone calls and emails between me, the seller, usps, and ebay. here it is the 3rd. how many days later? are you serious? talk about loosing a package .... holy macaroni! luckily my other phone kind of made it, on its last toe thats for sure. not the best experience!

i could also switch back to paper and go on and on about medical bills and how money donated to PCMC doesnt really help families who really need it, it helps families who live here illegally with no insurance pay docs for kids who have stomach flu! ok ok so it probably helps a few families that really need it here and there but we dont ever get help and i really feel like we really really need it .... anyhow the whole system is political and corrupt and causes me tears on most often occasions including this week. somehow someway it will work out, it always has.

medical update on stock .... did the swallow studies and it has been confirmed that it is indeed severe reflux that has damaged his vocal cords. the radiologist was pretty surprised at the severity considering his age. i still cant believe it! so odd. anyhow we are working on a plan that coincides a big diet change and meds to heal his cords and get this under control! fun stuff!


Ellsworth Fam said...

Hey! You have a blog!! I'm so excited cuz we loved your family & now I can check in & see how you're all doing whenever I want! :D I'm gonna borrow your hanging card inspiration & drape C cards across the archway to my dining room. Thanks for the cute idea! Your card is so cute. I would love to send you our families if you could email me your address. Thanks so much!!

Darla said...

Got your Christmas card and loved it. Miss ya!

Amber Schmidt said...

hey at least you remembered you kid's swallow studies! I totally missed Ky's... I guess being laid up in the hospital on Percocet and Phenergan is a good enough excuse right???


Amber Schmidt said...

PS... I want to send you a Christmas Card... email me your addy!