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family pic

Monday, July 13, 2009

just when you think it cant get any worse ...

So i hate to be debbie downer & i have no pics to provide so i have wondered about wether to even post an update from last week or just let it go. yet here i am for all you who are voyers in my life.

house: last week was supposed to be a week of promise, of catching up to our schedule and we came so so so close to doing so. first let me say there is nothing behind the deadlines or schedule beyond what nate & i have deamed ideal. and even at that we differ! i am super grateful for no driving force stronger then "hans & frans" yet still disappointment rains when we get more and more behind schedule and instead of catching up. we worked hard all week and all day and night friday and saturday morning began with a glimmer of hope that we may just catch up. but then the wallpaper fell. there is so much blasted wall paper in this house. i have said before I HATE WALLPAPER but even more so now. we had stripped what we thought had to be done weeks ago. nate had tested a large spot in every room and deemed a few of them unnecessary of stripping that they could be textured over, (nate has done this before we arent total idiots) a few weeks back. that was until sat morning when it became very clear that we needed to strip. so no more caught up and a few steps back. what it really comes down to we bought an old house we are renovating. this is renovation reality ... there is much hidden work to be done. so this week begins with more wallpaper work and a hope that by sat we are painting and are only 2 weeks behind. except for now we have new deadlines. so are we really behind?

Me: this has been a busy week full of highs and lows. first off i have really been discouraged about skool. thinking i am crazy. i run a great business and i own a kraft i excell at so what the H am i doing anyway? skool is hard and so slow for me and there are so many reasons not to. until that is... i got my midterm grade back. about two weeks ago i took my english midterm. i way have been struggling in this class with a professer thats hard for me to understand and though i really felt like i did my very best on this midterm its my first test in the class an didnt feel like it would be a better grade then the B that is stamped on my forhead. somehow i got an A not only an A but 100% so i guess this means i plug along. reassurance i suppose. so next is a research paper. my chosen topic is germam resistance. anyone have good titles for me? on the studio stems front, i was published on a blog recently. nate thinks at this point all my work gets published but it aint so. but i am proud to say a lot of it really does. i also was involved in a very marie antoinette photo shoot by retrospect studios that i cant wait to see the results on. and i am dead tired with of course not enough time in the day. chandelier is done. now i have the girls bed project ahead amongst other things. oh and i had a campus adventure at BYU library, that was comical! the finish of my week was chemically burned eyes! thanks again to that wallpaper stuff, vintage glue in your eyes = pain!!!!

Storie - has been an adventure. both storie and saylor have had mild colds or something in their little systems and then storie had some sort of problem that really has not been resolved. i noticed a bump on her head sunday morning. then withint a few minutes a rash, then a few min later her whole right side of her face red, swollen and blisters forming right before my very eyes. all in about 30 min. then puking so off to the docs we went. first doc didnt know what to think, not all of her symptoms and characteristics match one specific thing. she called in another doc. he seemed duped as well. not cool. so she may have shingles .. maybe. she may have a spider bite ... maybe. she may have something neurological going on ... maybe ... or she maybe is having a sever allergic reaction to something of which we do not know the origin ... maybe. oh so comforting. anyhow she is on meds to cover about all those bases. and she seems a little better today. other then that she is well and so my littel helper. she loved helping me with the chandelier and i love to see her take joy in the things i do as well. and in the things i dont, like violin ... what a girl!

stock - doing great. little fish with muscles a growin. he cant decide if he wants his room to be BYU or wrestling. i am not really cool with either but whatev. as long as i can do the theme in my style then what does it matter? haha. his dad says he is "yoked" i love that he is my little lawn boy now and mows both laws every week.

saylor - is getting ready for surgery on wed. mostly by getting ready i mean her whole emotional physchological pattern as the days come closer. i am anxious to get it over with but also know they may not do it since she hasnt felt her best. though today she seems fantastic. we hope that it will be same day surgery or one night stay at the worst.

nate - well nate is nate. the horse in the fam. strong & stable and enduring. oh i love him. what a champ! he must think we are all from another planet. how did he end up in this mess? hope he thinks its beautiful.

so people are asking me if we have fallen into a routine. well yes we have. is it normal? no. do we even do normal? no. is it permanent? better not be! how soon will it change? fall i hope! and it consists mostly of ... sleeping, eating, working, studio stems, english, biology, swimming, movies, library, cathing, cathing, cathing, flushing chait tube, and then flushing again, DS games, fans going to keep us cool, fires started, then put out, stripping wallpaper, building, going to home depot for nate, banking, paying bills, praying, reading, cleaning, wondering, pondering and so on and so on.

love you all!

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brogersclan said...


You and your family are so amazing to me. I am unable to express what I feel, how you touch us all. And how I wish I had the power to heal. But I am sure that you and Nate, as well as both your parents have wished the same thing. And Nate is not the only horse in the family (that sound bad!)

I love you all.