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family pic

Sunday, July 5, 2009

burnt to a crisp!

so i have been promising a house update and so here it is ... WARNING .. NOT VERY EXCITING!

so first off the first reason why the headliner for this post ... this week for the second time in my life, an oven caught fire for me. i word it that way because in neither circumstances was it my starting of the fire. we are staying at lo's for the summer as many of you know and her oven is a little vintage. While cooking some pizza with my girls the heating element just decided it was done. created a nice fire, but was gracious enough to stay under control so i could avoid another emberassing run in with the fire department.

2nd reason was Lo's ashes tried to arrive home to me this last week. not sure what i think of that and am glad i was not here at the right time in order to avoid this very strange akward circumstance with = akward emotions.

3rd was this beut ..
she has really been through sooo much. i cant decide if she should retire or not. so we got her about 8 years ago from the rc willey outlet for i think like $200. not a bad deal. she once was our main dining table, then a work bench in the floral room, and then we decided to reinvent her for the new house. we sold the table we were using at our most previous house because it didnt really work for the fam, it was one of those tall ones, not so great for saylor but we got it before she emerged so what ya do. anyhow we decided rather then spend money on a new kitchen table that this one would do fine and that we would just sand her down and refinish her, give her a new maybe even better life. so i spent many hours over this last week sanding her down. then saturday i started restainging her. this resulted in not good things that started us problem solving and at the end of the day, she looked burnt. truly like she had been in a fire. so all that for nottin. not sure now what. we could paint her ... with like paint. which i kind of dont dig. or we could just say goodbye and give up the dough for a new one. what you think?

so this little story is sort of a good example of how this last week went for us.... not so good. lots if discouragement and a little more behind schedule every day.

i dont think the pics are all that exciting. the last few weeks have been sooo much work and not a lot to show for it! just a lot of inside guts kind of work. so slowly but surely we progress i suppose and i hope that i can pick up a better mood about it all sometime soon. Lo's house is just to blasted HOT without AC! i cant stand it any longer. but then i have to, and of course i will and i am grateful to have a place to stay! we are working on the shelving and texturing, drywall stuff this week and hopefully moving onto painting before too long. nate has been so ADD about this project. he plans to do one whole job at a time, like all the electrical, then the whatever and so on and so on. he is not following his plan, all over the place. he jumps from texturing to building shelves all spontaneously, then all the sudden he is doing something in the yard and he gets so mad at me cause i am not doing what he wants me to do but i am not sure what that is even. i think its all getting to us a little and this may go down as the worst week in the project. there has to be one i guess. i have those feelings, those endless hopeless feelings i have had with every other home project we have done before! but this too shall pass.

we did watch the SOF from our house and it was splendid with the most perfect view! but it took me 45 min to get from sumac to lo's, thats what half a mile or something? kids are well and enjoying swimming and fun stuff. i am still hacking away at school reluctantly and then there is my studio stems that draws out my energy. i am working on the table, a chandelier, some fun fabric projects on top of it all.

saylor's next surgery is in 10 days. so i am trying to enjoy what few non hospital days i have left before that.

hope you enjoyed my promise ... please do comment so there will be some sort of motivation here.


Michael said...

I say stick to one project at a time, I know it's so easy to get ADD about it, but I think it will be more rewarding for you all to do one at a time. And the guts stuff is so lame to do, but think of the after effects!!!! You're gonna make it sister :-)

Engrained Emotions said...

Hey! Thanks for the update on the blog. I feel your anxiety with this message. What a challenge it is to feel so up in the air with every part of your life. I have had days/weeks/months like this, and have to say I hate them. Sometimes I would go sit in my ca and turn up the radio so loud, and just enjoy the moment of feeling in control and my car.

Soon it will be over and you will be in the midst of some other event that will take your every thought.

Been thinking about you. Miss you

darla said...

I read your blog faithfully! Keep updating if only for my entertainment please.

Jessie said...

I also read your blog faithfully, and I love to see the progress your house has made. I can't wait to see the finished product, I'm sure it'll rock.

The Fraser's said...

I really don't want to "borrow" your ideas, but I just might! Remember, we have the exact same table. Don't trash it. I say fix it up, and I will do it too! Is there a fireplace in the dinning room? Are you keeping it? I actually love it, I need to see what you are doing with that. Keep up the updates. WE LOVE YOU!