family pic

family pic

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

storie turns 10

Yesterday was so perfect. simply perfect

it also was very surreal. It seemed dream like that my little girl was sitting on a ski lift right next to me as we ventured on our snowboarding adventure. that was my little girl who kicks trash on a board next to me ... my kid! it was so beautiful but surreal. boarding with mom was all she wanted and when she was asked what the best gift she got was she replied with boarding with mom. tear jerking ... my life is passing my by but its so amazing. i am so blessed. she is such a beautiful smart talented amazing girl. i cant believe i made her and then havent screwed up royally. instead she is royal.

i have to admit i had some reservations about taking her. in fact i was mostly geared up for sitting my behind on the bunny hill mt for the day. she is in a boarding program through her school that provides 6 lessons. she is only half way done with those so i couldnt imagine that she was capable of much even though she had assured me she indeed was.

i was more then pleasantly surprised with her capabilities. we got about 15 runs in 4 hours. she is speedy, barely falls, s curves and leafs with grace! i worked with her a little on getting more comfy on that front edge (something hard for us all lets face it) and by the end of the day she had improved dramatically. she was most proud of our little black diamond adventure.

she cant keep up with me per say but i dont mind the speed by which we ventured most of the day. at one point i was waiting for her and a frustrated woman teaching a boy who looked to be a little younger then storie pointed out how good she was and to do what she is doing! i was so proud. such a good day.

shout out to one of stories BFF mattea for sharing a birth date with her! happy bday girl and to Joel a still missed friend!

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Tiff said...

That is so awesome! I can't wait for the day when I can go enjoy the slopes with one of my kids. Ohhh someday:)