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family pic

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

update .... see sidebar ...

so recently one of my closest friends {and i do mean that entirely & sincerely} who doesnt have a blog, and doesnt seem all that interested in them, which led me to i the wrong assumption that she doesnt read mine sent me an email, notifying me that my profile info was in need of serious update and that my kids ages were a few years off. doollllly noted and changed! thanks J .. it feels so good to know that you do read my blog, often times i feel like i write it for nothing and no one. so peeps its updated and in the now.

so little update on us ... we all just arrived home from chaos! the boys were headed to atlanta for the georgia grind. the naughty yet unusual weather back east cause significant problems in their travel. first they got stuck in houston and after hours in the airport looking for alternative plans they relented to a hotel room for the night but not before realizing that stocktons luggage with all his close and meds was no where to be found. lovely. eventually they got it back. and eventually they made it to georgia but first a few stop offs and a puddle like jump of a plan that included 3.5 hours of driving. not ideal when your plan was to get on a plain and head straight to atlanta. tourni went horrible, stock lost his A game along with his luggage and we were all sorely disappointed. but we move on and learn ... flight home got canceled of course because of the back log of flights from all the airport closures ... so another puddle like airline transfer here and there lead them home eventually. they got home a few hours before the girls and i. we spent a relaxing loooong weekend in palm springs, under the gorgeous palms and 85 degree weather. we all got a little sunkissed, relaxed and happy. drive home was hhhhhhaaaaard! but we made it in safety. then just as i laid my head down to rest. stock started throwing up ... and so my life of chaos prevails. we did saylors treatment this morning .. never a good idea and so my morning has been poop/vommit filled and i am already exhausted with a big and demanding day ahead ... thus i must be on my way ...

but PS yesterday was a special day for us. 7 years ago yesterday we discovered that spina bifida would be part of our lives!

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A Place 2 Gather said...

poop and vomit is always a great way to start any day. ha ha!

I think about you all the time. We really need to connect. I miss you and love you.