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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what malcolm gladwell has taught me

for the last 3 months one of my goals has been to read {ie listen to on CD} tipping point, blink, and outliers. just completed the goal. i feel like i need to listen to it all again because there is soooo much to be learned from well written researched objective educational words. I listened from a business perspective but obtained just as much personally as i did professionally. and highly recommend that these be read {and or listened too!} though i realize malcolm gladwell will likely never read my measly blog i want to thank him ... for playing a role in my life, by making me think, consider, and strive.

just a touch of what i walked away with ..

Tipping Point: relationships, networking with the right peeps like mavens are the key to reaching that pivotal point. this one is the reminds me a tad of the butterfly effect and the concepts behind that theory as well as the idea to think in the realm of epidemic viral mind.

Blink: this made me realize how often first impressions or first thoughts are more accurate then educated impressions or thoughts. it also helped me obtain an A on my english exam through the chapter dedicated to affirmative action. Most recently i have been thinking about how do these principles make me a better all around person and i think being a little transparent in who you are is so necessary to give the impression you desire to give. i guess that would require some serious analyzations, i dont think all of us come across the way we ideally would like to, but if we were in all honest truth those ways then we would.

my most recent listening endeavor and the most fascinating to me personally
OUTLIERS - this book analyzes why outliers are what they are ... and in reality they are normal ordinary every day people who have been given tremendous opportunity. to me this book is about blessings, its about seeing success as a something that is created by many not just one and is attributed to many not just one. it does take 10 thousand hours of practice from a dedicated individual to become a master but it also take opportunity to practice. its advantage, the advantage of experience that creates an outlier.

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