family pic

family pic

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

summer fun

Nate and Stock at the cabin. nate hasnt changed much in the 10 years i have known him. still hot young and so muscley. yes i know thats spelled wrong! stockton has been spending a lot of time with dad hunting and what not. going to nearly all of nates extra sporting activities too. but soon the young lad will start wrestling he is pumped. plus now we are in the thick of the hunting season and he would so much rather be with nate in the mountains then mom at the nordstroms mac counter or on a long walk to walk off moms fat. fun!

the next one is of storie at the cabin. just a cute picture i thought i would include. she is doing great, this new school is so good for her cause it has so many specialtys that she enjoys like art and music. she is reading like an adult these days it seems like.

saylor hanging out at the cabin on the porch steps aarons toes behind her, braids barely hanging in there.

couldnt leave pictures out of aaron and hallie during there summer visit to utah. we had so much fun spending a few days with them at the cabin.

100s of years of pillows. we recently decided that if everyone abhors the cabin pillows and puts a new case or shirt over them to sleep on then it was long past time to get new ones. here is the stck of pillows that made there way out of the cabin and down to the garbage. cabin pillows that just have been there for years and years like 20-30 years each so i figure this is a couple hundred years of pillows. had to pay tribute.

storie shootin down the wards slip n slide with a neighbor girl. was a blast for the kids. stock all wet from the same culprit.

saylor holding dads football for him. shes so cute. we will be going to clinic on the 14th of sept. we expect to know then when surgery might be on her bladder. she is mostly pooping on the potty these days. though its a difficult surgery its necessary at some point. she is a little young but this time of year is best for her and our family we feel. we want her to go too kindergarten potty trained and not in diapers which is in a full year from now. but its a 3 month recovery and fall is the best time for me if i want to continue to contribute to the funds in this family its slow season. i am hoping to have her healed and starting to potty train really in january or feb which means surgery in oct or nov. busy season will start in march with designs and by april i will be slammed again through the summer then kindergarten. so pray that what is right for us and her will be what the docs decide in the coming weeks.

so thats the jist for now. love you all!!!!!


The O'Briens said...

Love it. So glad you posted the beloved pillows. I miss them so much! Just Kidding. I love that picture of Storie on the stairs at the cabin. It just reminded me of her sitting inside saying, "Heather, can I please have some grapes.." as she scarfs them all down while pulling brushing her hair out of her face. We love you guys! Miss you tons. Especially during the football/hunting season!!!

Cindy said...

Hello O'Brien family. I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say "Hello". We are an LDS family who also happens to have a son with spina bifida. Your children are absolutely beautiful!!