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family pic

Thursday, January 24, 2008

happy birthday audrey!

as colbie calliet would say "its kind of tough getting older!"

I am not posting this cause i want everyone to send me birthday wishes (but still go a head!) but because i spent a lot of time this morning reflecting on just how beautiful and blessed my life is and i sort of want to pay tribute to it!

i woke up to my favorite breakfast, german pancakes, carefully prepared by two darling wonderful children who woke up early themselves determine to make me breakfast and talked their dad into helping. it was a great morning i felt rejuvinated and happy. no yelling just peace. kids were perfect! loaded them all up to school (even though saylor was a little congested) and headed where else ... sundance. perfect boarding day, i was warm and toasty, snow was great and not too crowded. the time alone on the lifts, left me to thinking and evaluating. this post could get really really long but to sum it all up tightly i am so happy with my life and where i am! i am so in love with nate and my kids and our lifes! not that i dont want to progress i do but today it was good enough to just be proud of me and what i have accomplished. i dont feel that very often and i never say it to myself and really mean it, but today i did. i am so blessed and through these blessing and gifts i have accomplished much and created such a beautiful happy life! without the gospel and my heavenly father and his son none of this would be.

of course i came down of my high to an even more congested saylor with a fever, storie calling to come home from school because she is vommiting, and work to do. none the less nothing could ruin how i feel today!

i want my friends and family to know that today ...... i am most grateful for them and love them very much!

thank goodness for great music today too that is lending to a sustaining mood!


The Torgersen's said...

Happy Birthday Audrey, you're so gorgeous!!! I hope your day gets better, being sick is never fun for anyone involved. You are truly an inspiration to everyone around you and you touch the lives of people you meet. You are a blessed woman and you bless those who are fortunate to be around you and know you. I'm glad I got back in touch with you and your family!!!

The O'Briens said...


Randy, Ashleigh, & Brady said...

Happy Birthday! That is a great picture by the way! Sick kids are no fun! Hang in there!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Audrey. You are a beautiful person.

Dean Family said...

im a sucky friend. i even talked to you today and yet had no clue it was your bday. Im so sorry. Regardless I love ya. Hope it was wonderful!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday! What a hottie you are!! :)

Sara said...

Happy late Birthday! You are an amazing person, and I'm so glad we were introduced! Hope everyone is starting to feel better. Thanks for being you!! Love ya!:)

The Fraser's said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! You are stunning and I absolutely love you! thank you for sharing your feelings. You have a "knak" for inspiring me!