family pic

family pic

Friday, January 18, 2008

Saylor is lost .... inside her new grown up self

Some of you have been waiting and watching for these pics, some of you are unaware of what i speak of ... so here goes the story.

tuesday afternoon i gave saylor a little itty bitty trim, then put her hair in pigtail braids and we moved on with the day ... or i did. apparantly this sparked fascination in my little ones mind. first chance she got away from me she got my sheers and gave herself a cut, i guess more like what she had in mind,something short. initially i didnt realize how bad it was until i took her braids out and saw just how much she had chopped into her hair! of course WE cried!

The damage .... two braided ponytails chopped off at the ends and snipped here and there and on one side a lot!!!!

oh the hair ... all the hair ... or should i say not all of it but the vast majority!

getting a hair cut from mom at home just after saylor gave herself a haircut, she is demonstrating just how i should go about doing this!

Getting a real haircut from a REAL hair ARTIST! this is where the plug for dan harmon @ studio nine SLC 900 S 926 E! if you know me you know i know a lot of hairdressers and likes, and he is the only one that i will let touch my hair from now on .... that is if i can continue to afford him! he is amazing! I knew he could make organization out of the chaos that saylor and i created!

I kept a good eye on dan but he lost saylor while in his chair in the short time he was responsible for her .... where is she?

My darling just hanging out at home w/mom making telescopes, playing silly, and making sure i know just how life really works, long hair or short!


The Torgersen's said...

I think she looks really cute. I always wished that I looked good with short hair!!! I remember the day I cut off my long curls and my Mom took me to the salon and I had to get it cut really boy short. At least she didn't cut her bangs real short!!!!

Sara said...

A mishap turned good! Saylor looks so grown up and that cut is adorable on her!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness. It looks really cute, but I can imagine the horror on discovery! I'm sure that will happen to Avery. She definitely has that personality. It could have been worse, like Heather's experience. She decided she didn't want bangs anymore, so she held them up straight and cut them off at the scalp.

Darla said...

She looks like a little cute pixie.

Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh! It's totally adorable. She's all fashionable and sassy looking now. What a beauty she is!