family pic

family pic

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

rebel mom .... Y hawk

we are having "hair" issues as of late. stock's hair was getting a little long, it was time for a trimmin! he decided he wanted his infamous Y-hawk back. no big deal right ... had it before .... well i shave it in, next day he goes to school and i get informed that he cant come back until the y is gone. WHAT? i was so perturbed if thats even a word .... so rebel mom actual considers keeping him home and fighting the battle. his hair was to distracting and outrageous for his principal. in the end i decided not to fight this battle that his education was more important, but not before taking a pic of it!


Sara said...

That is sooo cool looking- it's especially cool that he let you do it. Too bad you have to shave it all off- how does he feel about being bald?:)

The O'Briens said...

Did you tell the principal that he is distracting no matter what his hair looks like cause he's say dang adorable? That is so dumb. It looks way cool. Miss you guys.

Cheri said...

Principle was probably a Utah fan. Wish I had boys that would let me give them a hairdo like that.