family pic

family pic

Monday, June 16, 2008

designed to sell ........ or stay?

So nate and i mini remodeled the house for a couple of reasons, first is that i get bored fast or maybe i should say "we" do, it was time anyhow and there were some things we have been wanting to do, second is that we repetitively are told by agents showing our home that its "too dark" so we decided to brighten things up in the hopes that it might neutralize the pallette and appeal to more buyers. not that in this market and economy we arent being realistic about the possibility of it selling we are ... we arent betting on it! i would like to enjoy the newness for a bit anyhow. so here is some before and afters for your enjoyment!

house front before ... this is actually the better pic of the two but to show you the new stuff. we added shutters, we hate shutters, there very not us but for whatever reason utahns love shutters. what is it about shutters? last year the window boxes were a nice addition already in the before pic. we get told often the house is too boxy and needs rock. we are so sick of all the houses looking the same in this state. anyhow no money in the budget for that for the time being so this is what you get. also people either like or hate the mountain lot, we of course love it, it means the most amazing view of the whole valley! so this is after

we also have been wanting to add a bigger chandelier to the porch so this one that used to be inside moved out ... more on that later.

office before


living room before


fireplace family room view before


kitchen and eating area before

stair area with chandelier that we moved outside before

this is after with new chandelier that i scored on KSL for only $100! its HUGE! quiet the feet to get it up! i love it! its very bright!

entry way and the other smaller matching chandelier i also scored for $40 not as good of a deal, none the less a perfect fit for the most dark part of our house as we have been told. switching this light out for a bright bright chandelier and paint made such a big difference.

we only spent $250 between paint and my good finds. it looks as though we have new furniture i know but we dont, we just moved things around!

so tell us what you think .... unless of course you have nothing nice to say then its best to say nothing at all!

if you have read this far i suppose you deserve an update on Saylor & USC news .... still no news. good thing i was sicker than a dog last week and in the midst of remodeling so i was too sick or too busy to worry to much about it all. we shall see how i get through this week .... all i can say is we better has some sort of morsel of info by the end of the week! thanks again for all the support!


Natalie said...

That is crazy how different paint can make a room. I liked it before, but maybe it did make it seem dark. It looks good white too. I would guess that appeals to more people, but what do I know. Also, I think I saw Saylor at the Summerfest on one of the rides. I looked around for you, but didn't see you!

Jessie Evans said...

It's funny, my parents are having a hard time selling their old house just because buyers don't care for the wall color in some rooms. I liked the rich dark colors in your house, but I can see how lightening it up can make it more buyer friendly. And I love love love the lighting fixtures you found, and what a steal!

The O'Briens said...

WOW! I can't believe how different it looks. You guys went to a ton of work. It looks great! I agree that I loved it before too. I love the chandeleirs and the entry way looks so much bigger now.

Sharon Murphy said...

I liked the darker look, but then what do I know? My house is nothing to write home about....

Sara said...

Sad that you had to paint over your great walls- dang Utah people just don't get it do they? I love the mixing up of the furniture especially the armoire painted red- very cute!

Susan said...

Your house is so dang cute, either way. You will have to help me with mine some day. :)