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family pic

Thursday, June 19, 2008

whats in the haps with saylor

JUly 18th saylor will undergo a planned VCMG and renal ultrasound. this will be a precursor to augmentation at primary childrens sometime in the fall. we realize that this invasive scary procedure really may be our only option as much as we would like otherwise, so we have decided to go forward with needed tests. we are still working through emotions, fears, concerns, and choices etc... some moments are good some not so good. but we are well.

saylor, the other kids and I went to the zoo today. she was amazing and walked i would say about 70% of it.

one thing that has really impressed me as we sort through all this, is to remember that i have feared this much before, i have been this scared, i have had to make this hard of a decision about her, and it has hurt this bad. its been a while though, its hard to remember feelings. for so many years all the surgeries we have been through have been so easy to decide upon. so clear cut, so practical and safe (well as safe as going under the knife can be i guess.) in the end i know we are capable with the helping of a loving father in heaven.


The Belliston's said...

We hope all goes well with Saylor's surgery. It can be so scary! We'll pray for your family. Trust in the Lord, and He will take care of you.

The Belliston's

Sara said...

You've done a super job so far of following the spirit in your decision making, so keep doing that and all will be as it should. I can't imagine how scary the unknown is- you guys have great courage to face these challenges:)

Susan said...

We will keep Saylor (and the rest of the fam - stressful for everyone) in our prayers. Good luck!

The Fraser's said...

We are praying for you and your family. We admire you and Nate for your strength and courage to fight in behalf of Saylor. We love you!